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The Omnifuel is designed to handle demanding condition, extreme altitudes and extreme temperatures. It’s a sturdy stove that works with LP gas, petrol, diesel, kerosene and even aviation fuel. Using a separate control knob, the flame can be adjusted to provide the exact heat required.

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Product Features

  • Backpacking stove
  • Multi-tool with integrated cleaning needle
  • Nylon stuff sac
  • 1 litre boil time: 3mins approx.
  • Fuel that can be used includes:
    • LP gas
    • Petrol
    • Diesel
    • Kerosene
    • Aviation fuel
  • Fuel bottle included
  • Weight: 441g including Ergopump

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    3 Customer reviews for this product

    The Omnifuel is clearly unreliable product
    Reviewed By Amit, 13 Feb 2015

    After replacing 2 fuel hoses and found a work around how to fix this defect with a guitar string !! :) ( http://www.spiritburner.com/fusion/showtopic.php?tid/28421 ) now there is new problem, a leak from the pump.
    If you want to take the Primus Omnifuel for extreme conditions you must take with you 3 Primus Omnifuel stoves for spare parts.
    The product has a poor engineering, too many parts, O rings, primitive filters, defect sweavel joint between the fuel hose and the fuel valve.
    I am using Cleman stoves for 30 years and I have never found myself fixing the stove after every 2-3 working hours.
    The guys in Primus, when are you going to improve this poor stove? this is only a stove not a nuclear missile !!



    Dependable stove in all conditions (and places)
    Reviewed By Martin, 11 Jan 2014

    I've owned this stove for over 10 years now and it's served me well from the back of the car to the tops of the Andes (and everywhere in between).

    I have used every fuel out there and always managed to get it to burn eventually. Obviously dirty fuels such as diesel require lots of priming and cleaning (usually after every use) so should only be used as a last resort, but at least you HAVE a last resort. Runs best on gas or primus liquid fuel, staying clean and lighting instantly.

    It has survived days, weeks and months in my pack without complaint. In 10 years I've had to replace a fuel line, a pump gasket and a couple or priming pads, but spares are always readily available from Primus or elsewhere. You can buy each bit individually should you require (unfortunately not from Cotswolds). All of these types of stoves require routine maintenance if using liquid fuels, especially dirty ones such as petrol or diesel. I usually do that as part of my preparation for a trip and it doesn't take long.

    It's noisy, which some folk see as a negative, but I love the roar it makes, loud enough to let the whole camp know that a brew is on :)

    I've not had much luck with simmering myself though and find that it usually runs very hot or very, very hot, so it drops a star for that.

    Tip: You can run this stove with the gas cartridge inverted in well below zero temperatures should you need to. The gas cartridge doesn't last as long that way but it does work. Much better to use Primus liquid fuel though!



    Did Carlsberg make this stove?
    Reviewed By Mark, 12 May 2012

    Because it is probably the best multi-fuel stove in the world!!!
    I bought this stove 11 months ago and have used it on varying trips, from wild camping in Scotland to cycle touring in Slovenia. We used it 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks, and came away with a positive impression.
    It’s known to be reliable and sturdy. As its name suggests, the Omnifuel stove also works with just about every fuel going, from ordinary car petrol to sealed cartridges.

    What I love;
    Weight – 441 grams including fuel pump (I think this is quite light?)
    Cost – I Paid £116.00
    Size – 140 x 85 x 70 mm (Fits in the palm of my hand)
    Boil Time – 3 minutes (ish)
    Best suited for - Wild camps and Cycling adventures (It’s a tad excessive for a regular 'Glamper')

    The stove is extremely sturdy. It packs away just as small as my old Whisperlite, but the legs on the stove are a lot more robust. They grip well better to the ground than my Whisperlite, and small teeth-like ridges on the top hold the pot firmly in place. On a sloping surface, you don’t worry that your dinner might slide away (this once happened with my Whisperlite, the language spoken cannot be repeated in this review!!!)

    As soon as you pick up this stove, you realise the quality construction. The pump is made of metal, with a leather plunger on the inside (compared to plastic and rubber for the Whisperlite). It feels extremely robust. I have no doubt that it would stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

    One small adjustment point offers a great degree of control over the flame, and this makes it easy to cook things like rice and thick soups without burning them. You still have the option to turn the stove to full power too.

    Anytime you cook with a dirtier fuel like ordinary car gasoline, some soot is created. The Omnifuel is cleverly designed, however, so almost no soot sticks on the outside of the stove. Your hands stay clean. The inner core of the stove does get black with soot, and requires occasional cleaning, but this is no different from any stove. For a soot-free experience, you need to cook with something purer like gas cartridges (which are more expensive and sometimes hard to get hold of in Europe. I found it really easy to get petrol everywhere I went!)
    You can run the Primus Omnifuel on nearly anything: car gasoline, white gas, kerosene and gas cartridges. That makes it fantastic for international touring.

    The Primus Omnifuel comes with a well-made cloth case. Aside from the stove, there is room for extras like spices and cooking knives. This is great for keeping the stove separated from your clothes, and also for protecting it from bumps while cycling. Love it!

    What I don’t Love;
    This stove screams “come for dinner” to everyone in the area. It’s a bit like firing up a jet engine; something campsite neighbours might not appreciate if you get up early for breakfast, although in the middle of nowhere who cares!?
    The windscreen is a brilliant addition to the package and helps shelter the flame in windy conditions; it speeds up boil time too!
    Flip-off switch requires forethought - When you flip the bottle to turn the Primus stove to the “off” position, the stove will continue to work for 1-2 minutes. This means you need to think ahead if you want to be super-efficient with your fuel use. Although, to be honest, I just turn it off and disconnect the stove from the fuel, I've had no problems doing this!

    Like any major purchase, whether the Primus is worth buying depends on what you will use it for?
    Some reasons TO buy the Primus Omnifuel;
    You plan to bike tour a lot
    You really hate sooty hands. (The Omnifuel doesn’t get nearly as sooty as the Whisperlite, and the design makes it very easy to keep your hands clean)
    You love cooking. (This stove gives a high degree of control over the temperature of the flame especially for simmering)
    You love things built to a very high quality. (I always buy the best I can afford. Why buy 3 cheaper versions when 1 quality one will do?) The Primus stove is very solid, with more robust legs than the Whisperlite and a metal pump with a leather plunger (compared to a plastic pump and rubber cap on the MSR Whisperlite, I've had 2 of these break on me!).

    Some reasons NOT to buy the Primus Omnifuel;
    If you are on a budget this is one of the more expensive camping stoves on the market.
    If you don’t plan to cook many of your own meals go for something cheaper
    If you only plan to do simple things (just boiling water for pasta and instant meals) then the Primus Omnifuel is overkill.

    I hope this review helps you to decide, I will always buy Primus from now on!




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