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All the benefits of efficient Turboflame technology (including continuous flame option), but now with a double burner for ultra-fast lighting of campfire tinder, BBQs, and backpacking stoves.

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Please note that we have been supplied with the Turboflame 2 in assorted colours so the colour you recieve may not correspond to that in the image.

Product Features

  • Powerful 1300c twin laser jet flame
  • Windproof. Safety cap
  • Lanyard facility
  • Gas level indicator

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12 Customer reviews for this product

Very Poor Product
Reviewed By Brian, 12 May 2015

The first one I purchased failed almost immeadiately, and was replaced free of charge. The replacement has worked ok for about a year, being used only very occasionally. It now will not light. Other posts explain the issues. The lighter is just not reliabe, can't understand while Cotswold still sell them.



nice bit of kit but
Reviewed By David, 08 Feb 2015

The turboflame is a handy bit of edc but you cannot get the recommended Newport gas or Colibri gas at any retail outlets that i know of, using inferior gas cause problems, would be nice if cotswold Outdoor stocked the gas as well!!



Dreadfully unreliable
Reviewed By Phil, 07 Nov 2014

This lighter cannot be trusted to light. I've followed the bleeding instructions and / or warmed it up before use, but it has let me down 2 out of 3 times - it just won't ignite the flame. Fortunately when I was wild camping and it failed me, I had some matches, but having to use them defies the point of having a lighter in the first place.



Reliable and useful, just follow the instructions
Reviewed By Mike, 19 Feb 2014

I've had my Turboflame - twin flame - for more than 3 years and am very very happy with it. As a matter of fact bought several for my friends as Christmas presents last year. Two of my friends had the typical problem with filling them (they don't like to read instructions). Basically, bleed them first, refill with Colibri gas and then INCREASE the flame screw to achieve around 2 cm of blue flame. One thing Turboflame does not tell you is that they sell them on a low setting. Overall these are very handy wind proof lighters that make life much easier outdoors.



Reviewed By Andy, 11 Feb 2014

Within hours of buying one of these, it stopped working. I tried everything suggested on the instructions/forums etc and was still left with a highly erratic item. Sometimes it lit then went out, sometimes would not light at all. I have used cheap clipper lighters for years and will continue to do so until these items become more reliable. They are just useless in an outdoor situation otherwise - you need dependable kit!



Not bad, but has faults
Reviewed By Alan, 25 Nov 2013

When it works, this is an excellent lighter, but I have found that after a while it fails to ignite the gas. This can be remedied by completely emptying the lighter of all gas and air by pressing the filler point with a biro. You can then refill and it will work again for a while. Don't top it up, just empty and refill. I would have given it 5 stars if it hadn't been for this tedious problem.



Stopped working over time.......!!!
Reviewed By Tim, 28 Jun 2013

This was a good lighter BUT after a period of time and use it became unreliable and eventually failed to ignite the gas. I thought it might be just a faulty lighter but when the second one failed in the same way I decided not to buy another one.



Not Bad BUT
Reviewed By ian, 06 May 2013

Great lighter BUT, this is my 3rd lighter of this style, they seem to all have the same problem of unreliability over a period of time.
They fail to ignite the gas, although the chamber is full & I get a spark, they will not work. I've tried a TurboFlame GX7, WOW what a difference, not so nice to look at BUT has NEVER let me down



Reliable lighter
Reviewed By Coral, 22 Mar 2013

Unlike cheaper alternatives, this lighter can be relied upon.



turbo lighter
Reviewed By Kayleigh, 07 Jan 2013

This turbo flame lighter are excellent in windy condition e.g. D of E camps when it is really windy & your trying to light a camp stove



Brilliant lighter!
Reviewed By Alex, 28 Nov 2011

The title says it all, really; good value, easy to use, versatile. Only downside is the speed it uses fuel. Even so, best lighter I've ever used!



Fantastic lighter that excels in every way
Reviewed By Ross, 31 May 2011

The heat output on this lighter was stunning. The double burner delivers a very high temperature exactly where you want it making applications from sealing synthetic rope to lighting tinder very easy indeed. Since it is a jet lighter it can be held upside down which is very useful for lighting gas stoves and the like.

The fuel window gives an accurate impression of the fuel remaining. I did find that I needed to turn the flame up to full to actually use the last fifth or so of the fuel however.The ignition seems to be good with the lighter almost always lighting first time. On the rare occasions that a second press of the ignition was needed it may well be that I hadn't warmed the lighter sufficiently in my hand.

There are two slight downsides for me of this lighter. The first is that it does use fuel very quickly. Under very intensive use (several fires per day, charring wooden woggles etc.) on a scout camp it ran out after the second day. This shouldn't really be a problem under normal use and is a necessary compromise for the outstanding performance. It may be however be worth taking matches or another means of starting fire as a precaution. The other issue is that the surface finish does scratch quite easily as I fou