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The LED Lenser P3 Torch is free when you buy this item.

The P7 uses 3 Watt CREE LED flashlight technology to create a bright and easy to use light for professional use. Switch from flood to spot beam with one hand by simply sliding the head of the light backwards or forwards with the thumb. 200 lumens output. 4 x AAA batteries included and supplied with a free P3 torch - up to 130 hours in one set.

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Product Features

  • P7 Model: 137mm Long- P3 Model: 94mm Long

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3 Customer reviews for this product

Great torch
Reviewed By Craig, 27 Jan 2013

Bought a P7 in my local Cotswold store a few months ago now and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Extremely bright, well made and the free P3 is a nice little backup. Great service in store and a great price. One satisfied customer!



Excellent torches
Reviewed By Tony, 30 Dec 2011

I will not repeat the detailed review that has been written but fully support what has been said. The P3 torch is very good.



Best torch on the market!
Reviewed By Nicholas, 13 Dec 2011

The P7 is made of machined anodized aluminium, which makes it extremely strong whilst still being lightweight at just over 6oz. As soon as you pick it up it feels sturdy and looks very professional. The main body has a handgrip engraved into it, which prevents it from slipping out of your hands - however sometimes dirt gets stuck in the groves. Unfortunately, after a years rough usage everyday mine does have a few scratches, but it still looks brilliant. There is a hole in the tailcap to allow the included lanyard to be attached, which comes in handy. The tailcap can be unscrewed to reveal the inside; the torch comes apart into two pieces; the main body and tailcap, which has the 4 by AAA battery carrier attached. The connecters are 24k gold to maximise energy transfer. I love how the batteries are not loose and there are no springs or spare bulbs to be lost, like with maglites. The torch is water repellent but no dunkable due to several holes on the torches head, which help heat sinking. The torch is 16cm long.

The light:
The torch uses a Cree Q4 Bin LED, which is extremely powerful and has an extremely long lifetime, which should not run out – meaning you do not need to carry spare bulbs! It kicks out an amazing beam, which is so bright it blanks out other people torches. I was truly stunned by its brightness – it is the best out of any torch I have ever purchased, especially for its size! The light is turned on/off by a 3 stage forward click button on the tailcap. Press once for high power, twice for dim, and three times for off. One downside is that you have to go through all the modes to turn the torch off, I would rather after so many seconds for the torch to turn off with the next press, like on petzl head torches. Focussing the light is very easy; just push the head of the torch forward. The beam has no dark spots! When focussed it will go about 200m. When left dormant for a while the head does have a tendency to stick, but once moved it is fine again. The torch also has a fantastic battery life; I use mine most days and only change the batteries every few months. Obviously, the older the batteries the dimmer the torch.

Great size, extremely robust and no small bits that can break, looks professional, extremely bright!

Not fully waterproof, have to go through all settings to turn off, mine has a few scratches after a year of use

Also included…
In this package as well as getting the P7, which is worth the price alone!, you also get a LED Lenser P3 for free! It is exactly the same as the P7, just a lot smaller – about the size of a maglite solitaire but 10 times as bright. This comes on really handy to put in a jacket pocket or on a keyring. For such a small torch it is very powerful, about the same as the standard maglite. A great little bonus! You also get a black fabric belt pouch for the P7 (not for the P3) that allows you to carry the torch on your belt. Personally, I do not like it because it makes the torch bulky to carry, and it is not the best of quality. But hey it’s free!

I cannot rate this torch highly enough! It is extremely powerful for its size and easily the brightest pocketable torch available on the market! The first time I picked it up I was amazed at how professionally it was and incredibly bright! I love how when opened up it is just two parts; main body and tail cap with battery carrier fixed to it. There are no extra springs, bulbs or batteries, which can fall out and be lost or broken when fumbling with it in the dark. You will not be disappointed. I know the torch is expensive but I would much rather pay a bit more for a good quality, and very powerful torch, that will last. It beats maglite and petzl lights by a mile! Plus you get a free LED Lenser P3!