Nevis Flex Crampon
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The Nevis Flex Crampon offers fantastic value for money, ideal for winter walkers and those progressing onto novice mountaineering. With the ability to fit a wide range of boots with the universal strap binding, flexible adjustment bar, 2 rapid adjustment size bars and heel cradle, these will ensure a secure fit and precise positioning onto your boots.

The wide, shaped frontal points give you a better lift on harder snow, and four orthogonal retaining points grant stability while walking downhill. Including an anti-balling system stops snow clogging up your crampons, meaning less time clearing the bottom of your boots, and more time adventuring!

  • Crampon rating: Up to B1
  • Material: Tempered painted steel
  • Number of points: 10
  • Universal strap binding
  • Flexible adjustment bar
  • 2 rapid adjustment size bars
  • Wide, shaped frontal points
  • 4 orthagonal retaining points
  • Heel cradle & toe strap
  • Anti-balling plate
  • Canvas storage bag
  • Recommended user weight:
  • Fits sizes: EU 34-47
  • Weight: 814g
Product Code: F1A34010