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Alpha Sport Wire Hybrid Quickdraw 12cm
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Shave weight off your quickdraws without losing out on performance: put a strong, robust straight-gate Alpha Pro 'biner on one end, a big, lightweight, easy clipping wiregate Alpha Trad on the other.

Sport climbers prefer the rugged reassurance of a krab which can take the repeated punishment of falling on bolts; trad climbers tend to go lightweight because of all the other gear they carry. Loads of people climb sport and trad DMM put a solid sport 'biner one end but made it nice and big for use with gloves, and a lightweight wiregate on the other: how many sport climbers wouldn't appreciate the super-fast clip of a wiregate?

The Alpha Pro's kinked back with its grip pattern makes for a wide opening and brilliantly easy handling. The wire gate of the Trad extends the gate opening even further as well as conferring all the usual advantages of superbly light action, negligible mass and freeze-resistance. On top of that, the nose-profile has been made clean and smooth to reduce snagging.

Both krabs benefit from strong, light I-beam construction and a nice deep rope basket, and are racked either end of 12cm of 11mm dyneema.

Simply put: a fantastic all-round quickdraw.

  • Weight: 90g
  • Alpha Pro Straight Gate Carabiner:
    • Weight: 44g
    • Gate Closed: 24kN
    • Gate Open: 9kN
    • Minor Axis: 8kN
    • Gate Opening: 22mm
  • Alpha Trad Wiregate Carabiner:
    • Weight: 34g
    • Gate Closed: 24kN
    • Gate Open: 9kN
    • Minor Axis: 7kN
    • Gate Opening: 27mm
  • Tape: 18cm x 11mm Dyneema
  • Tape strength: 22kN
  • Wiregate held captive in asymmetric stitching/injection moulded retainer
Product Code: F1542122