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DMM Demon Cam Set 1-3 mixed
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In the Demon, DMM have combined some extremely popular elements of camming-device design: the single axle head with its tried and trusted 13.75° camming angle, the single stem with its grippy thumb, the colour coding and the extendable doubled dyneema sling, which allows you to just use a single 'biner for your cam placement and thus reduce the weight of your rack. The result is a lightweight, versatile, and functional device that caters for climbers who prefer single stem ergonomics, for those who are used to the traditional sizing system, and for those who want to double up their cam racks to offer even more placement options.

  • Weight (set): 364g
  • Strength (each device): 14kN
  • Passive strength (each device): 10kN
  • Ranges
    • Size 1: 19-29mm
    • Size 2: 29-44mm
    • Size 3: 43-66mm
  • Grippy thumbs & trigger bars
  • 13.75° camming angle
  • Cam stops for passive strength
  • Extendable 8mm Dyneema slings
  • Anodised lobes & thumb-pieces and matching coloured slings for ease of identification
Product Code: F1612153