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Dragon Cam Size 6
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The main advantage of this single stem design, with two axles, is that it allows a greater range for each camming unit. It gives the perfect balance between holding power and range. By introducing the hot forging process for the cam lobes, a highly sophisticated shape in A6082 alloy for the added bite is produced, and significant weight savings made. Strong springs make the cam sit securely, it also means they are more resistant to being pulled out of slippy placements and the potential for ‘walking’ is reduced.
Regardless of all these technical advantages, the really amazing thing is how these cams feel in your hands. In terms of handling qualities and ease of use Dragon Cams are a true revelation. Part of that is down to the patented lightweight forged thumb grip. The grip and trigger combination sits perfectly in the hand. Even when you’re really pumped, or wearing full winter gloves it handles like a dream. It also incorporates the double extendable 8mm Dyneema sling which means you only need one biner for each cam placement – another significant weight saving.

  • Weight: 276g
  • Strength: 14kN
  • Passive Strength: 14kN
  • Range: 68-114mm
Product Code: F1612127