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DMM Gym Quickdraw Set with Maillon Rapide 18cm Nylon .
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Climbing wall quickdraws take a real hammering so it makes sense to use a tough durable set up. The steel biner on the Gym Quickdraw can cope with repeated falls and lower offs, and because the quickdraws are left in place the extra weight of the steel is not an issue.  For the same reason, durable nylon tape is used for the extender.
A smooth clipping action is still important though, after all, a trip to the wall involves an awful lot of rope clipping, far more than you would ever do on a real crag. The aluminium bent gate ensures that there won't be any awkward fumble clips, and you can get on with the business of climbing the route.

Includes a PPE rated 10mm oval maillon attached to the bolt attachment end of the draw.


  • 10mm Equal D steel carabiner with captive bar
  • Aluminium bent gate
  • Strength
    • Gate Closed: 30kN
    • Gate Open: 15kN
  • Gate Opening: 15mm
  • Tape: 18cm x 16mm nylon
  • Tape strength: 22kN
  • 10mm oval Maillon Rapide for bolt attachment
Product Code: F1550008