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DMM Peenut Offset Tapered Alloy Micro Nuts On Wire Set 1-5 .
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Small flared placements can be dealt with very effectively; providing of course you’ve got some Peenuts on your rack.
These offset and tapered nuts are worth their weight in gold on granite and slate. They allow a bigger area of surface contact than smaller nuts. This means that the energy generated in a fall is spread out and the rock is less likely to break.
If you climb on quarried rock a lot this type of nut really comes into its own. Nothing fits those flared peg scars like a set of Peenuts.

  • Combined Set Weight: 63g
  • Peenut 1
    • Weight: 9g
    • Strength: 4kN
  • Peenut 2
    • Weight: 10g
    • Strength: 5kN
  • Peenut 3
    • Weight: 10g
    • Strength: 5kN
  • Peenut 4
    • Weight: 16g
    • Strength: 8kN
  • Peenut 5
    • Weight: 18g
    • Strength: 8kN
Product Code: F1622051