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DMM Shadow/Spectre 2 Quickdraw 18cm Dyneema No Colour
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Shave the weight off your quickdraws without losing out on performance: put a strong, robust straight-gate Shadow 'biner on one end, a big, lightweight, easy clipping wiregate Spectre 2 on the other.

Sport climbers prefer the rugged reassurance of a krab which can take the repeated punishment of falling on bolts; trad climbers tend to go lightweight because of all the other gear they carry. Loads of people climb sport and trad DMM put a solid sport 'biner one end but made it nice and big for use with gloves, and a lightweight wiregate on the other: how many sport climbers wouldn't appreciate the super-fast clip of a wiregate?

Both the Spectre 2 and the Shadow benefit from strong, light I-beam construction and a nice deep rope basket, and are racked either end of 18cm of 11mm dyneema.

Simply put: a great all-round quickdraw.

  • Weight: 87g
  • Shadow Straight Gate Carabiner:
    • Weight: 43g
    • Gate Closed: 24kN
    • Gate Open: 10kN
    • Minor Axis: 9kN
    • Gate Opening: 20mm
  • Spectre 2 Wiregate Carabiner:
    • Weight: 32g
    • Gate Closed: 24kN
    • Gate Open: 9kN
    • Minor Axis: 8kN
    • Gate Opening: 25mm
  • Tape: 18cm x 11mm Dyneema
  • Tape strength: 22kN
  • Spectre held captive in asymmetric stitching/rubber retainer
Product Code: F1542121