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Grivel Double Spring 2.0 Leash with Rotor Crab No Colour
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A double ended umbilical lanyard for leashless climbing.

The freedom of leashless climbing is tempered for some by the risk of losing your tools if you drop them, and long trailing cow's tails getting snarled up, twisted and knotted are obviously not a good idea. Elasticated lanyards automatically keep themselves tidy by avoiding trailing loops, and the revolving shackle of the Rotor carabiner allows you to swap back and forth as needed without twisting.

One end is equipped with a carabiner for easy attachment/removal of tools, the other has a stitched loop to allow one axe to be knotted more permanently to it: use one for approach, attach the other when you arrive at your route.

Please note: this is a retaining lanyard system for ice tools and is not rated for use as a belay.

  • Rotor Carabiner attachment
  • Y-shaped lanyard
  • One end screwgate
  • One end stitched loop for larks-foot
  • Elasticated tape
Product Code: F1A22094