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Rolling a Kayak: Whitewater (DVD)
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A comprehensive, clear, and concise guide to learning and perfecting the roll in a whitewater kayak.

Provides novice whitewater kayakers with the fundamental skills and step-by-step instruction; while more experienced paddlers will learn advanced techniques.

  • You'll learn:

• About the equipment

• The fundamental skills

• The standard C-to-C and Sweep Rolls

• Tips for teaching the roll

• Offside, Hand, Back Deck, and Dry Head Rolls

• Rolling in current, waves and holes

• Common errors and their solutions

• 50 minutes

  • Format: DVD
  • Publisher: Heliconia Press
  • ISBN13: 9781896980591
  • Featuring: Ken Whiting
  • Release date: Jun, 2008
  • Weight: 100g
Product Code: S3114025