MightyMo Stove
MightyMo Stove
MightyMo Stove
MightyMo Stove
MightyMo Stove
MightyMo Stove
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The MightyMo Stove from Jetboil is a highly capable and compact stove that will allow you to cook up a storm in your outdoor kitchen. It features a fuel regulator and reliable push button ignitor to ensure excellent performance at all times while the simmer control allows you to slowly cook to perfection rather than burning food beyond recognition, ideal for making meal times on the hill something to look forward to. It has a tiny compact size so it won't take up too much space in your pack and can be used with cooking pots of all shapes and sizes for your convenience.

Please note: Jetboil Jetpower Gas Cartridge sold separately.

  • Excellent simmer control
  • Regulated for consistent performance down to -6°C (20°F)
  • Convenient, reliable push-button igniter
  • Small compact design
  • Power: 10,000 BTU/h
  • Fuel regulator
  • Boil time: 3m 15s per liter in 5L Flux Pot (pot sold separately)
  • On average will boil 12L of water per 100g Jetpower Can (Can sold separately)
  • Packed dimensions: 104 x 165mm
  • Weight: 95g
Product Code: D3214011