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Tall Spare Cup 1L
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Need an extra cup for your Jetboil cooking system? The Tall Spare Cup offers cross compatibility and flexibility, for use with Jetboil's Sumo, MiniMo, Flash, Zip, PCS and GCS systems.​

FluxRing technology makes it possible to heat a conveniently shaped vessel with extremely high efficiency. This patented technology captures the heat of the burner and directs it into the contents of the FluxRing cup, rather than into the air as waste.​​

The insulating cozy features a cargo pocket and heat indicator. The drink-through lid has a pour spout and strainer, while the bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl.

You can pack a Sol, Flash or Zip burner base with one 100g Jetpower fuel cartridge inside the cup.

  • Material: Hard anodized aluminum
  • FluxRing technology
  • Insulating cozy
  • Drink-through lid
  • Capacity: 1L
  • Dimensions: 104 x 180mm
  • Weight: 275g
Product Code: D3322112