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Camping For Dummies
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You love the great outdoors, but you're not always sure the great outdoors loves you. You can pitch a tent, start a campfire, build furniture by lashing tree branches together – in theory anyway! But while you may not have gotten your Girl Scout Gold Award, or your Eagle Scout with cluster, you can still enjoy a night out under the stars with those near and dear to you, or even work towards becoming a more serious outdoorsman, right? Sure as a bear lives in the woods, Camping for Dummies shows you how to get out there and enjoy the best Mother Nature has to offer. With the helpful advice this common sense guide provides, you'll be prepared when it comes to: Destination, Gear, Shelter, Clothing, Food, Weather and Safety. Written by journalist Michael Hodgson, veteran of Utah's Eco-Challenge and numerous other outdoor adventures, Camping for Dummies cuts out gear-head jargon and antiquated methods to give you, plain and simple, what you need to know to make the smart choices that lead to great adventures.

  • Author: Michael Hodgson
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
  • Publication date: May, 2000
  • ISBN13: 9780764552212
  • Pages: 384
Product Code: S1414009