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Ortlieb Drinking Tube .
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The ORTLIEB drinking tube with adapter quickly converts ORTLIEB water bags or water belts into hydration systems.

The tube (length 95 cm/ 37in.) fits with its universal threaded adapter onto the valve system, of the water bag (and water belt) and thus creates a complete hydration unit.

The drinking tube with its threaded adapter can also be screwed onto a standard PET bottle (28 mm) which finds vertically easily space in any backpack. This smart option eliminates the use of hydration bladders which are often expensive or difficult to clean. This system will also ensure top hygienic conditions. The length of the tube piece extending into the container is variable.

An integrated spring valve with auto shut-off function ensures flow stop once you stop drinking

The ORTLIEB backpacks Flight, Track, Cor13 or MountainX 31 feature hermetical drinking tube passages. This unique feature prevents water/rain or humidity from entering the backpack along the tube.

  • Drinking tube for use with ORTLIEB water containers (waterbags, watersack, waterbelt) and international standard PET bottles with 28 mm thread
  • Converts waterbag, e.g. suspended in a tent, into a hands-free hydration system
  • Ideal with PET bottles in backpacks, bags or in the car
  • Screw threaded cap onto valve cap of ORTLIEB waterbag or PET bottle
  • Remove dust cap from mouth piece, open drip-stop on mouth piece by turning it counter clockwise by 180° until it locks in place
  • For drinking simply bite valve and sip
  • Auto-shutoff by means of integrated spring valve
  • For closing turn mouth piece clockwise by 180°
  • Length of tube can be adapted inside the container
  • Mouthpiece can be taken apart for hygienical cleaning
  • Cleaning with warm water and liquid soap
Product Code: E31A4274