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Punk Publishing Cool Camping Cookbook No Colour
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Sterilised cutlery? Spotless kitchens? Immaculate culinary presentation? Forget it! Food is real and raw. It comes from the ground and grows on trees. So what better way to enjoy it than out in the open air, around a campfire, a barbecue or a simple gas burner? The Cool Camping Cookbook, from the publishers of the Top 5 Travel Bestseller Cool Camping: England, combines a passion for the outdoors with a love of food. And the result is a cookbook unlike any other. Illustrated with hundreds of refreshingly candid photos it dishes up fresh ideas for campers, walkers, picnic lovers – or for those who just want to cook al fresco in the back garden. With innovative recipes for barbecue or burner, simple comfort food for a rainy day, delicious meals to cook over a roaring fire and squidgy, sweet things to get stuck in your teeth, this book sticks two grubby fingers up to the Nanny State! Learn how to cook calzone pizza directly onto an open fire, bake muffins in orange peel, roast fish in a pile of salt, or create your own fresh and flavoursome 'boil in the bag' meals to take with you on a trip. It's great food for the great outdoors!

  • Author: Tom Tuke-Hastings
  • Format: Paperback (flapped)
  • Publisher: Punk Publishing
  • Publication date: Apr, 2012
  • ISBN13: 9781906889517
  • Pages: 160
Product Code: S1414019