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Respro Cinqro Mask Yellow
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The Respro Cinqro Mask focuses on the multi-sport end user where breathing rates are typically higher than your average commuter. Each mask comes with two filters; these include a Hepa-Type particle filter and a DACC chemical/particle filter, The Hepa-Type, filters out fine res.pirable, sub-micron dusts while the DACC filters out primary pollutants associated with vehicle exhaust emissions.

  • There are two types of filter in each box
  • Filter 1. - Hepa-type sports filter for dusty off-road conditions
  • Filter 2. - Dynamic Activated Charcoal Cloth filter layer for urban environments
  • The latest Elite valves for better airflow
  • Unbreakable Nylon nose clip
  • Easy Velcro fastening
  • Made from Neoprene
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Self adjusting nose clip
  • Durable and washable
  • Product Code: P2144001