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Mens 3Six Five Boxers
Mens 3Six Five Boxers
Mens 3Six Five Boxers
Colour: Red Rubgy Stripe
Red Rubgy Stripe
Black Triangle
Black Night Trax
Navy Rubgy Stripe
Black Heather / Black
Green Heather
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The ultimate in cotton comfort, the Men's 3Six Five Boxers feature soft pima cotton fabric with a contemporary twist of sophistication in a regular fit.

Every pair of Saxx underwear houses their patented BallPark Pouch construction. Designed for contact-free support, this 3D hammock-shaped pouch keeps everything in place, thanks to mesh panels that prevent skin-against-skin friction, and no exposed stitching for no-chafe comfort.

Taking a 360-degree view of the body, Saxx consider fit, feel and function, and use nine panels of fabric to create three-dimenbsional shaping around your glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings, including the built-in mesh panels of the BallPark Pouch.

Flat Out Seams provide smooth, against-the-skin contact. And while most underwear companies place the raised-thread seam against the body, Saxx have reversed conventional thinking and placed the flatter, softer side of the seam inward, for chafe-free comfort.

  • Fabric: 95% pima cotton, 5% elastane
  • Extremely durable
  • Extra soft pima cotton
  • Jacquard, heather, moisture-wicking waistband
  • BallPark Pouch
  • Three-D Fit
  • Flat Out Seams
Product Code: A1944271