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5000-Lite Tent
5000-Lite Tent
5000-Lite Tent
5000-Lite Tent
5000-Lite Tent
5000-Lite Tent
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A cotton canvas fly with Pegged-In Groundsheet (PIG), a huge 5m diameter, a high 1.75m entrance, 3m at centre and weighing 25kg the 5000-Lite Tent from SoulPad is a very lightweight for its size.

The lightweight, waterproof groundsheet is loose and detached from the canvas. However, unique to SoulPad the groundsheet can be pegged together with a 20cm mudguard at the base of the wall which is tucked under the groundsheet and a peg driven through corresponding eyelets between the two. This serves to keep them together.

The walls can be rolled up on hot sunny days to let the cool breeze wash over you, it looks pretty cool too, creating the impression that your tent is floating in mid-air. There are four zipped windows and three vents at the top of the bell, all with mosquito mesh fitted.

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  • Sleeps upto 4 tourers
  • Floor diameter: 5m
  • Centre height: 3m
  • Vertical wall height: 60cm
  • Entrance height: 1.75m
  • Pole diameter:
  • Central: 3.5cm
  • A-Frame: 2.2cm
  • Total weight: 25kg
  • Packed size: 112 x 29 x 25cm
  • 4 zipped windows with mosquito mesh
  • 3 vents at the top of the bell with mosquito mesh
  • Vertical walls roll up
  • Pegged in groundsheet
Product Code: D1512223