The Tegstove, as featured on Dragon's Den, is a unique camping stove that uses an ingenious design to extract maximum performance from widely available and inexpensive butane gas cartridges and will also charge most portable electronic devices as well!

The stove uses a heat transfer module that gently warms the butane gas cartridge to maintain consistent pressure even when the temperature drops and a safety cut off valve prevents over pressure situations. In addition the burner incorporates a thermoelectric generator (TEG) to top up the built in Li-ion battery or you can charge your gadgets directly through the 5V/1amp USB output socket. Other features include a built-in piezo ignitor for convenience, an adjustable size pan support and also adjustable legs maintain a stable platform on uneven surfaces.

This stove is ideal for family/car camping, picnics, outdoor sports and even as an emergency stove for home use.

Please note that the pan, the iPhone and the cable shown in the images are not included.

  • Thermoelectric generator produces electricity when using gas stove to cook
  • 5v USB power socket charges electrical devices such as:
    • Smart phones
    • GPS units
    • Tablets
    • Action cameras
  • Utilises standard butane gas cylinder conforming to EN 417
  • Incorporates high output 56mm thermoelectric generator
  • Portable unit
  • Built in piezo ignition
  • Internal battery starts to charge as soon as stove is lit
  • Internal battery will store charge so you can charge on the move
  • Micro USB port for charging internal battery (optional)
  • Large footprint for excellent stability in all conditions
  • Dimensions: 365 x 380mm
  • Packed dimensions: 340 x 85mm
  • Weight: 1.4kg
Product Code: D3212213