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The Kittiwake Press Walks in and around Barmouth Town No Colour
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Barmouth is an attractive seaside town with a highly rated beach and dramatic surroundings, attracting visitors to the area in their thousands. But, for many, the towns less well known localities and buildings remain undiscovered. The first National Trust site, Dinas Oleu (Fortress of Light), four acres of steep hillside once described as Barmouths open air sitting rooms, overlooks the town, yet gaining access to its paths and viewpoints is not straightforward. The attractive Old Town clings to the rock-face above the harbour in the manner of an Italian hill village, its houses connected by paths, not roads; yet many visitors remain unaware of its existence. Barmouths medieval buildings, Llanaber Church and Ty Gwyn; the towns conservation park, Wern Mynach; The Birmingham Monument; the ruins of Gellfechan Farm; Orielton Woods: these wonderful places and more remain undiscovered by many visitors. Now, however, finding out about such places has been made easier through the creation of the 20 walks contained in this book. They incorporate, and often link together, many of the towns less well-known localities and buildings, thus making them easier for visitors to discover, and delight in, for themselves.

  • Author: Michael Burnett
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: The Kittiwake Press
  • Publication date: Mar, 2013
  • ISBN13: 9781908748072
  • Pages: 40
Product Code: S1654138