Trangia Trangia 27-5UL Stove with Gas Burner No Colour
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The Trangia 27-5 Gas Burner Stove with Non-Stick Pans is perfect for one or a couple. The pans are quite small and all together it creates a small, compact stove that takes up minimal space in your rucksack.

The non-stick coating gives the ideal surface for general cooking or frying, and requires little or no cooking fat or oil. It also makes washing up easier, because nothing sticks. Non-stick is slightly more susceptible to scratches and abrasion, so use only wooden or plastic utensils. Perfect for those who want fuss-free eating and easy washing up.

  • 2 x 1-litre non-stick saucepans (1 graduated, 1 ungraduated)
  • 1 x 18cm non-stick frying pan
  • 2 x windshields (upper and lower)
  • 1 x gas burner
  • 1 x pan grip
  • 1 x strap
  • Weight: 798g
Product Code: D3312059