Rock Set 6-10
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The definitive piece of passive crack protection that was originally developed over 20 years ago and is now brought bang up to date. The unique shape is engineered to take up the most stable position in any crack and the new anodised colours allow for easy identification from any angle.

  • Set of Rocks #6-10
  • Rock 6:
    • Dimensions: Long edge 19mm, depth 15.6mm
    • Weight: 36g
    • Strength: 12kN
  • Rock 7:
    • Dimensions: Long edge 21.2mm, depth 18.4mm
    • Weight: 36g
    • Strength: 12kN
  • Rock 8:
    • Dimensions: Long edge 24mm, depth 21.6mm
    • Weight: 41g
    • Strength: 12kN
  • Rock 9:
    • Dimensions: Long edge 27.7mm, depth 24.4mm
    • Weight: 49g
    • Strength: 12kN
  • Rock 10:
    • Dimensions: Long edge 31mm, depth 30mm
    • Weight: 60g
    • Strength: 12kN
Product Code: F1624005