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Yosemite Bigwalls: The Complete Guide
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This is the comprehensive guide to Yosemite's Bigwall routes with details for over 300 different climbs. This book includes comprehensive approach/descent info, as well as tools to help you choose the best routes. Almost all of the topos have been updated, especially with 'base' information to make finding your route easier. Each mountain has a full colour 'overlay' with all the routes drawn in.

Whether you're dreaming of climbing your first bigwall, or have done a few and are looking to get off the beaten path, The Complete Guide will blow you away with inspiration. And the photos are top notch too.

  • Author: Roger Putnam and Erik Sloan
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Yosemite Bigwalls
  • Publication date: Jan, 2014
  • ISBN13: 9781467596909
  • Nr. pages: 376
  • Dimensions: 178 x 251mm
  • Weight: 1,000g
Product Code: S2374129