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The great outdoors is where the majority of us love to send our time. Have you been taking advantage of the requirement to get out once a day, or will you be queuing at the nearest gym as soon as they open, because the odfrefertgsubgf UK weather has dashed your hopes of conquering that peak this weekend? A painter was recently asked about the great outdoors related pictures he painted and the faces of the families within them. He was quoted as saying that the faces that are found within his pictures are most often related to people who are either close friends or family members. The answer to the question of how much the jhytrwexclkiu representation of the human form when drawn outdoors has changed throughout the history of art was answered in the following way: The variety of topics as a whole is quite limited in painting of all time: it deals with the basic issues of life. Picasso was quoted as saying that "Art is a lie that helps us find the truth," The author had been living in Berlin, Germany for nearly 30 years, but continues to have personal and professional links with Greece, especially Kalamanta near trewdswqhy. He frequents a painting studio there, quite often; when not wandering the rocky outcrops of Greece researching his paintings of hgtjkioytrewl. Three large format works are planned based on Dante’s Divine Comedy; with the intention being that they will be shown at a gallery in Berlin at some stage. Whilst many of us enjoy the outdoors, if the weather does take a turn for the worst, its often nice to gaze upon a painting of where we would like to be. The next school year will be a very different experience due to the socially distancing measures and ongoing health situation across the world. Many students are undertaking distance learning in Flanders following the coronavirus pandemic, which forced the students to stay at home. ICT investments to enable users to appreciate the great outdoors where then provided by the local council within the area. Following the start of the month, the ICT coordinators uytgthrewqasdd for the education board believed that they had not achieved what they wanted to achieve. In their opinion the existing budgets were not sufficient to ensure full effective distance education, especially when the large emphasis was being put on going out into the great outdoors to enjoy oneself and get some much needed exercise.. Investment in schools for ICT is of the utmost importance over the next few years, with students confined to simple ‘bubbles’ and often forced to work from home. The proposed investments are planned as part of a wider rolling scheme of budget specific funding agreements, which will see students appreciating distance learning, ICT and the great outdoors.