The North Face Gloves

An Introduction to The North Face Glove Technologies

The North Face is known for pushing the boundaries of outdoor gear performance and gloves are no exception. For over 50 years, The North Face has developed patented technologies to provide elite protection and comfort in every pair of gloves. Several key innovations make The North Face gloves stand out from the competition. These include insulation systems to retain heat, waterproof membranes to keep hands dry, grip enhancements for control and dexterity, and design features that improve fit and flexibility. Understanding The North Face glove technologies helps narrow down the right pair for your cold-weather adventures. Key technologies to look for include


Gore-Tex Waterproof, Breathable Technology

When you need gloves that provide guaranteed weather protection without compromising ventilation, Gore-Tex technology is the premier choice. The North Face integrates Gore-Tex membranes into select gloves to create a waterproof barrier that blocks rain, snow and moisture while still enabling perspiration vapour to escape. This innovative membrane technology is engineered to mirror the performance of the human skin, allowing sweat to evaporate out while preventing exterior moisture from seeping in. For active winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering, having gloves fortified with Gore-Tex keeps hands dry without causing interior condensation. When gloves get soaked, cold and discomfort quickly set in. The North Face uses Gore-Tex technology to deliver true waterproofing so hands stay comfortably dry all day on the mountain, trails or city streets. If wet winter weather is a concern, look for The North Face gloves with Gore-Tex technology as your guarantee of durable waterproofing alongside optimised breathability.


Heatseeker Insulation

The North Face developed its proprietary Heatseeker insulation to retain warmth by mirroring the properties of goose and duck down. However, unlike natural down which loses insulating value when wet, Heatseeker insulation utilises hollow core polyester fibres that continue locking in heat even when damp. This moisture-managing performance makes Heatseeker ideal for gloves where maintaining warmth in wet winter weather is crucial. The lofty synthetic insulation traps body heat within tiny air pockets while allowing sweat and moisture to pass through to an outer layer. There the moisture can evaporate away while the insulation continues regulating temperature. The warmth-to-weight ratio of Heatseeker also makes it perfect for insulated gloves where keeping bulk down is important. For superior insulation that maintains its ability to retain heat when exposed to snow and rain, look for gloves from The North Face gloves with Heatseeker insulation.


WindWall Protection

For anyone who has experienced the penetrating chill of winter wind, having gear fortified with effective wind-blocking technology can make a dramatic difference in staying warm. The North Face adds its WindWall fabric to gloves designed for activities like skiing, snowboarding and winter running where cutting cold winds rapidly steal away precious body heat. WindWall material acts as a barrier on the exterior of gloves, preventing icy gusts from sapping interior warmth. Having strategic WindWall protection allows the insulating layers beneath to better regulate temperatures inside gloves. While skiing, WindWall fabric placed on the back of the hand takes the brunt of frigid downhill wind chill so hands stay comfortably warm. For runners, WindWall blocks headwinds that amplify the chill factor on early morning jogs. The North Face WindWall technology reinforces the warmth within gloves so hands don't freeze in the blustery mountain and winter sports environments.


FlashDry Linings

Wet hands quickly become cold hands in winter weather. To help gloves proactively combat interior moisture, The North Face engineered the innovative FlashDry liner technology. FlashDry linings are constructed using proprietary fibres with a microporous structure that enables moisture to spread out rather than pool in wet spots. This moisture-managing liner fabric accelerates the evaporation process so sweat and dampness readily convert to vapour. By enhancing ventilation rates, FlashDry technology pulls perspiration away from the skin before excess moisture can chill hands from the inside out. The improved airflow and rapid moisture evaporation also reduce the soggy feeling within gloves that often comes from condensed sweat. For high-output aerobic activities like skiing, snowboarding and winter running where internal sweat buildup is common, choosing North Face gloves lined with FlashDry material will help keep hands comfortably dry mile after mile. If your winter gloves tend to get uncomfortably damp during workouts, look for FlashDry next time to stop wetness in its tracks. The North Face gloves with FlashDry technology excel at moisture-wicking.


5-Dimensional Fit

Creating winter gloves that move and flex naturally with the hand is crucial for comfort and performance. That's why The North Face engineers many of its high-end glove models using an anatomical 5-dimensional Fit system. Using precise hand measurements and patterns reflecting how fingers articulate, the 5-Dimensional Fit enables gloves to mirror the shape, lines and flexibility of the hand. Rather than restrict motion, gloves made with 5DF technology match the pre-curved form and articulated spread of the relaxed hand. This close contouring and nimble flexibility reduces hand fatigue allowing you to grip gear and poles longer without tiring out. For activities like skiing and mountaineering where dexterity and grip control are essential, the 5-Dimensional Fit built into North Face gloves delivers a responsive, second-skin-like fit. You get optimal mobility, secure grip and natural hand positioning gear after gear. For your next pair of high-performance winter gloves, look for models featuring North Face's 5-Dimensional patterning. The North Face gloves with 5 Dimensional Fit provide unmatched dexterity.


Radiametric Articulation

Radiametric Articulation built into The North Face gloves enables your hands to grip naturally in key activity positions. This innovative patterning angles and aligns glove fingers to match the curled hand postures used during activities like skiing, mountaineering and snowboarding. By mimicking a natural active grip, Radiametric Articulation minimises muscle strain and tightness in hands, wrists and forearms. The biomechanically accurate engineering reduces fatigue allowing you to maintain a strong, relaxed grip longer. Gloves featuring North Face Radiametric Articulation give you enhanced flexibility when bracing against polls or grabbing rails. The gloves move seamlessly with the proper hand position so you don't have to waste energy overcoming poor alignments. For superior glove ergonomics this winter, look for models integrating Radiametric Articulation. Your hands will thank you mile after mile. The North Face gloves with Radiametric Articulation optimise natural grip.


Adjustable Cuffs & Wrist Leashes

Dialing in a secure fit around wrists makes a crucial difference in sealing out winter weather. The North Face optimises adjustable components like cuffs and integrated leashes so you can fully customise the fit of your gloves. Adjustable wrist cuffs allow you to tighten or loosen the opening while internal leashes provide extra security around hands. Cinching down cuffs creates a snug 360-degree seal that locks in warmth while preventing spindrift snow from sneaking in. Leashes add stability keeping gloves anchored in the event you take a tumble on the slopes. Durable hook and loop closures make it easy to find your ideal fit and make on-the-fly adjustments as needed. For activities where a tight seal against wind, snow and moisture is key, look for The North Face gloves featuring adjustable wrist cuffs and integrated leashes. You'll enjoy a secure, personalised fit that optimises weather protection and warmth. The North Face gloves with adjustable cuffs and wrist leashes deliver a customisable, secure fit.


Touchscreen Capability

Modern life demands we stay digitally connected even when enjoying off-grid winter adventures. To enable touchscreen use without exposing bare fingers to the cold, The North Face engineered touchscreen compatible gloves featuring conductive fingertip or full palm fabric. Rather than fumbling to remove gloves each time you need to snap a pic, check maps or change a playlist, The North Face touchscreen gloves allow you to operate your phone and devices right through the glove fabric. For skiers and snowboarders, specialised conductive pads over index fingers and thumbs make capturing action shots easy without interrupting the flow of your run. Touchscreen palm pads give winter hikers and mountaineers fingertip control of GPS devices to stay on track. Runners can adjust music, start workout apps and more without slowing pace. By looking for touchscreen compatibility, your next pair of North Face gloves will enable you to stay connected without sacrificing warmth.


The Best The North Face Gloves for Men

Male outdoor enthusiasts have an abundance of excellent winter glove options from The North Face. Highlighted below are some of the best-selling and top-rated models engineered with the key technologies and features men need to take on winter in comfort.

  • The North Face Montana Glove → The North Face Montana Gloves are exceptionally warm gloves designed for the coldest conditions. With a lofty Heatseeker insulation rated to -20°F and a durable nylon shell, these water-resistant gloves offer heavyweight protection. An internal gaiter seal and adjustable wrist straps lock out winter weather. For enhanced grip, the Montana Gloves feature a pig suede palm overlay with Reinforced overlays in high-wear zones. Men looking for hardcore warmth for activities like mountaineering, skiing or winter camping should consider the Montana model.

  • The North Face Apex Etip Glove → Designed for skiing and snowboarding, the North Face Apex Etip Glove delivers dexterous performance with an ergonomic 5-Dimensional Fit. The nylon shell features a waterproof, breathable DryVent membrane backed by high-loft synthetic insulation. Integrated Etip technology enables the use of touchscreen devices without removing gloves. The Apex Etip Glove's low-profile, articulated design makes it a top choice for high-movement snow sports.

  • The North Face Etip Glove 2.0 → As the name implies, the Etip Glove 2.0 optimises touchscreen use in cold conditions. The glove features a 5-dimensional Fit design cut for maximum dexterity. The entire palm utilises conductive fabric for touchscreen capability. Brushed tricot linings add warmth while maintaining easy finger glide. A synthetic leather palm provides a supple but durable grip. For winter hiking, commuting and urban adventures, the Etip Glove 2.0 makes it easy to use devices without exposing your hands to the cold.

The Best The North Face Gloves for Women

Female outdoor athletes have their own set of hand-specific needs. Recognising this, The North Face designers utilise anatomical data from over 1,000 female hand scans to engineer gloves with an ideal women-specific fit. This results in gloves sized and contoured for improved comfort, protection and performance. Outlined below are some of the top-rated North Face gloves made to provide female adventurers with superior cold weather dexterity and warmth:

  • The North Face Apex Etip Glove → The women's version of the popular Apex Etip Glove utilises specially engineered 5 Dimensional Fit patterning for the female hand. The pre-curved shape allows a natural grip and full range of motion. With a DryVent waterproof insert and Heatseeker insulation, this low-profile glove excels at skiing and snowboarding. The Etip finger tips enable touchscreen use for easy photo and video capture on the slopes.

  • The North Face Etip Glove 2.0 → With the entire palm engineered for touchscreen use, the women's Etip Glove 2.0 enables easy device operation in cold conditions. The smooth tricot liner feels soft against the skin while brushing away moisture. 5 Dimensional patterning creates an unrestricted, pre-curved fit. The Etip 2.0 appeals to skiers who want pulse-monitored workouts and winter athletes who need to snap photos and send messages on the go.

  • The North Face Denali Glove → For casual winter wear, the Denali Thermal Glove has a soft, fleece liner for lightweight warmth and breathability. A water-resistant, abrasion-resistant Silicone Hydrolite shell protects against wet conditions. The pre-curved, anatomical fit maximises flexibility when tossing snowballs, strolling through the city and enjoying other low-impact winter activities.

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