Anatom Footwear

Anatom make a range of walking boots that combine the internal comfort and support you need, with the exceptional build quality that you’d expect. Cotswold Outdoor stock a range of leather hiking boots from Anatom, such as the highly acclaimed Q2 as well as lighter, synthetic options.

Anatom Footwear

Anatom hiking boots are designed and tested in Scotland. This landscape, with its abundance of mountains, wild weather and challenging terrain is the natural forge of Anatom footwear.

Anatom owe their success to the way that they expertly balance fit and performance. Designing the footwear from the inside out, so the entire range benefits from a unique internal shape, that gives comfort and support.

The outer fabrics are then brought around this shape, enclosing the foot in a protective and highly durable upper that offers the type of performance that you demand when walking in the remote mountains and moving across uneven ground.


Browse our selection of Anatom walking boots now available at Cotswold Outdoor. Choose from full grain leather walking boots, all the way to lightweight and supportive designs made using hard wearing synthetic materials; because with Anatom footwear it is the fit that really counts.