1 person Tents

Explore our range of 1-person tents and find the right kit for you on your solo camping , hiking, trail running, and backpacking adventures Our extensive hand-picked range are crafted from premium durable materials and fabrics to cover all needs, all from top brands including Fjallraven, Terra Nova, and Vango. Our selection of lightweight one person tents are ideal for single person camping, backpacking trips, festival camping and outdoor walking adventures. Our stock is designed using the latest outdoor technology to thrive whatever the conditions, with breathable waterproof properties to keep you warm, dry and sheltered from the elements.     


If you are after a lightweight tent for more tame adventures, browse our ultralight backpacking tents that can be stored away and transported easily, while opting for ensured durability and easy assembly. With a variety of colours and designs, and innovative additional features. And if your needs are greater, browse our 2-person, 3-person, and 4-5-person tent ranges, fit for your adventure party. 

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