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If you are staying with a friend or camping out for the evening Cotswold Outdoor has you covered with our range of air beds, inflatable and foam mattresses. To help you narrow down the perfect sleeping mat for your next adventure checkout our sleeping mat buying guide.

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When do I need a sleeping mat?

If you plan to go out camping with your backpack and tent for a few days but still want a comfortable place to rest your head then you need something more compact and lightweight than an air bed that still offers a high level of comfort. Because of their smaller size and lightweight design, sleeping mats are easy to carry in your backpack, available in many lengths and different thicknesses, some are even self inflating.  

How thick does my sleeping mat need to be?

The thickness of your sleeping mat is important when you want a little extra comfort or just get off the cold ground. You may have an extremely warm sleeping bag but by adding a thicker sleeping pad, you’ll get even more insulation. Choose a thick mat if you think the ground will be cold or hard and you’ll stand a better chance of getting a good night sleep.


Choose a thin mat for warmer climates or if weight is an issue. After all, sleeping mats have the greatest ability to provide extra warmth and comfort when you need it most at the end of long, hard day.

When do I need an airbed?

Air beds are the ideal solution for anywhere when there is enough space and weight isn’t a problem. They store down nice and small but still offer that home away from home night’s sleep you have been looking for.

Don't forget your camping pillow...

Once you have chosen the perfect sleeping mat, don’t forget the all-important pillow. With our large range of lightweight and compact travel and camping pillows, there is no more need to roll up a jumper or use your pack for a makeshift pillow anymore.