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Variant 37 Rucksack

A stunning pack for days at the crag or shorter mountain excursions. Designed using feedback from mountain guides, professional alpinists and weekend climbers, the Variant offers a streamlined set of feature specific to the climbing environment. Quick release straps provide compression as well as attachment for skis, a rope compression strap sits beneath the removable floating lid, and a pocket on the front swallows your crampons. An ingenious innovation you may not notice is the snow shedding fabric used on the back panel and hipbelt lining: in sub zero conditions, you don't end up with icy build up between you and the pack. despite all the clever engineering, the Variant is not an unwieldy, heavyweight monster: when stripped down the bare essentials, it weighs in at less than a kilo. Multiple torso sizes and innovative adjustment features provide the excellent fit you've come to expect from Osprey.

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Climbing (1  Products)