Haglöfs make clothing, footwear and equipment for people who live and love an active outdoor lifestyle. From waterproof jackets, to hiking boots and insulating sleeping bags, Haglöfs have a fine understanding of how equipment should perform and deliver this vision with passion across their entire range.


In 1914 a forester’s son called Wiktor Haglöf designed and created a backpack that would take him on an amazing journey. Made for the local workers, this original pack raised Haglöfs from their humble beginnings in a cabin, to a world leader in adventure clothing, footwear and equipment.

Today, high quality products are still at the heart of Haglöfs clothing, footwear and equipment, and every item is imagined, designed and tested by people who love and understand the outdoors. This process involves a working knowledge of how kit and clothing should perform and is born from the rigorous and harsh demands of the Scandinavian wilderness.

Haglöfs are not only passionate about exploring the outdoors, but also about protecting it. That’s why their extensive sustainability programme endeavours to protect the environment and the freedom offered by a healthy wilderness. From the reduction of chemicals in clothing to the rights of the people who make it, Haglöfs are always working towards a more sustainable future.

Understanding the Wilderness since 1914

Haglöfs clothing, footwear and equipment has been refined over 100 years of outdoor expertise. Made for the demands of the Swedish wilderness, Haglöfs kit it not only designed to stand up to the outdoors, but thanks to their efforts in sustainability, aims to protect its future too.