Regatta make outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment for a wide range of adventure activities. So whether it’s camping with the kids, walking the dog, climbing mountains or exploring great wildernesses, Regatta clothing is designed to let you have fun and get outside, without you worrying about the cost. So browse our range of Regatta waterproof jackets, footwear and children’s clothing.

About Regatta

When Regatta began they were a small team of twelve. In those days, getting outdoors was all about being the most extreme and intrepid explorer, whatever the cost. But Regatta just wanted to go out, explore the world and have fun; and they wanted everyone else to go out there too.

That’s why they began to develop their own range of waterproof jackets, walking trousers, and hiking boots that people could really afford. Which meant everyone could open their front door, step outside and enjoy themselves. Today the range of outdoor equipment continues to grow, meaning that whatever your passion, you can go out and enjoy yourself in comfort and style.

Today, more than 30 years later that's what still counts for the people at Regatta. Because although at the beginning there there was only twelve of them, today there are millions. Millions of everyday adventurers getting outside and having fun in quality and affordable clothing. So whether it’s a waterproof coat or a festival kit for a wild weekend Regatta is for every adventure.

Discover the Regatta Range

Whether it is a lightweight, packable rain coat or a pair of sturdy walking trousers, Regatta clothing and equipment is made to be practical and affordable. Browse the selection below to get a sense of what Regatta clothing is all about.

Regatta Technologies

Regatta products are constructed from the very best fabrics, with dedicated ranges and technologies to suit all activities. With their patented Isotex waterproof technology, versatile layering systems and Coolweave summer fabrics you can be sure that you will stay comfortable and dry, whatever activity you choose. Whether it's long hikes, a family day out, the school run or simply walking the dog, Regatta's fabric technologies have got you covered for every adventure


Regatta use their knowledge of the outdoors to design and engineer a number of leading technical materials, each one with a specific activity in mind - however big or small.

  • Softshell


    Softshells are perfect for high-energy activities. They are a stretchy, water repellent and wind resistant, so they can be used as a midlayer or lightweight outer.

  • Waterproofs


    Regatta makes waterproof, windproof and breathable materials. They keeps the water out whilst the hydrophilic breathability system allows sweat vapour to escape.

  • Fleeces

    FLEECE //

    Fleece is super comfortable and practical for everyday wear and perfect for layering. It provides outstanding warmth to weight ratio, and is quick drying and durable.

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