Salomon has been making outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment since 1947. Since their origins Salomon has grown using a combination of expert design, the finest and most advanced materials and a core of elite athletes, who tirelessly test the kit until it is perfectly suited to the challenge.


Born in the expansive French Alps, Salomon have specialised in making the finest outdoor footwear, clothing and equipment since their beginnings in 1947.

Always looking forward, it is the drive and ambition of their designers and engineers that has enabled Salomon to stay at the forefront of innovation, whilst their elite athletes test the kit until it is fine-tuned for purpose.

It is this craftsmanship coupled with a passionate and genuine understanding of the outdoors that has allowed Salomon to continuously move forward since their beginnings and enables you to go further and faster more than sixty-five years later.


As experts in outdoor footwear, clothing and equipment, Salomon makes kit that excels in challenging and changeable conditions. Scroll the carousel below for a few examples or browse the entire range from Salomon.