Scarpa footwear is expertly manufactured using a blend of traditional and innovative techniques. Leaders in the production of walking boots, mountaineering boots, rock shoes and approach shoes, they also create a range of fashionable lifestyle shoes with a proud tradition of outdoor exploration at their heart.


As a world leader in footwear, Scarpa tirelessly develops a range of hiking boots, approach shoes, mountaineering boots and rock shoes that continue to forge an innovative future in outdoor exploration.

Since their beginnings in the 1930’s Scarpa embodies a proud family run tradition of expertly sourced materials, hand-crafted expertise and time honoured customs. It is this unflinching determination to keep people at their heart that makes Scarpa so unique.

Yet by keeping one foot in the past, they are able to confidently look to the future and continue to pioneer revolutionary techniques in boot manufacture. By combining tradition with innovation Scarpa footwear continues to be amongst the finest in the world.


Our feet are our means of propulsion, stability movement and balance, so when your boots don’t work effectively, you don’t either. Scarpa have a long and proud tradition in hiking boot manufacture so you know that when you wear their footwear, over half a century of knowledge accompanies you every step of the way.