Whether you’re taking off for a long weekend to experience Florence’s historical art galleries or for a challenge of a lifetime trekking through the Himalayas, we have all the kit you need. Wherever your adventures take you around the globe, explore it in both comfort and style.

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Nosilife Darla Shirt
Product Code: 29220140

Shop Nosilife Darla Long Sleeve Shirt

Review :

“I wore this as an over shirt most days on a 4 week trip around India. It kept me feeling cool, was able to wick all my excess moisture without retaining a ghastly smell, repelled bugs and covered me up in respect to the locals. It was also really easy to wash/rinse and was always dry by the next morning.”

Charlotte F, Head Office

Mini Filter
Product Code: B5110044

Shop Mini Filter

Review :

“It is, in my opinion, the best innovation in water purification for a very long time. For such a small and lightweight piece of kit that allows safe drinking water to be easily filtered without waiting or a laborious process involved I simply would not be without it. Water purification couldn't get much easier and lighter than this!”

Andy C, Sales Assistant



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