Berghaus Backpacks

Berghaus is a renowned British outdoor and adventure gear company, founded in 1966 by climbers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison. Frustrated by the poor quality rucksacks available at the time, they set out to produce durable and functional packs designed specifically for mountaineering and other outdoor pursuits. The first Berghaus rucksack introduced was the Cyclops, featuring an internal frame and innovative combined sack and rucksack design. It quickly became popular among climbers and hikers for its robust construction. Over the next decade, Berghaus released iconic models like the Terraframe with an external frame suited for heavy loads. They continued to focus on innovative designs to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts venturing into challenging landscapes with heavy gear. Today, Berghaus offers a wide range of backpacks catering to all kinds of adventurers, from weekend wanderers to serious mountaineers. Staying true to its origins and prioritising durability, its packs feature resilient fabrics with weatherproof coatings along with comfort technologies like customised back systems and shoulder harnesses. From small 15-litre packs to large 80-litre expedition loads, Berghaus is still renowned for exceptional backpack quality across all categories.


Berghaus Backpack Sizes Explained

When deciding which capacity Berghaus backpack suits your needs, it helps to understand how their size naming convention correlates to actual volumes. This determines how much gear you can carry for trips of varying lengths and intensities. Here is an overview of common Berghaus backpack sizes:

  • 15-25 Liter – Best for fast and light day hikes, peak bagging, and race events where you need to move fast and minimise weight. These slimline packs can carry light shells, lunch, hydration, minimal spare layers and accessories.

  • 20-30 Liter – Ideal small overnight packs for wild camping and hut stays. They have enough room for a sleeping bag, bivvy gear, 1-2 days of food, a stove, first aid basics and some clothing. Keeps weight down on rapid summit bids.

  • 25-40 Liter – Versatile packs for single-night adventures or multi-day trips in warmer months with limited gear needs. Enjoy 2+ day hikes and summer backpacking with a tent, bag, food, stove, raingear and layers.

  • 30-50 Liter – Sweet spot for most 3-season, multi-day backpacking where you need to carry tents, multiple days of food, full clothing and layers, plus other essentials. Can venture out for 2-5 days comfortably.

  • 40-60 Liter – For week-long treks in variable conditions where carrying capacity for abundant food, sturdy shelter, plentiful clothing, and backup supply is key. Also useful for hut-to-hut ski tours and winter expeditions.

  • 50-80+ Liter – Largest expedition and extended trekking packs built to haul all gear, clothing, food and equipment for remote multi-week trips beyond civilisation. Useful for high-altitude mountaineering, polar travel, and loaded global adventures.

This outline of common Berghaus backpack sizes by volume should help match you with the optimal size pack for the types of trips you want to take on. Base your decision on expected gear and duration needs while considering total weight.


Standout Features of Berghaus Backpacks

In addition to the fundamental elements like durable fabric and robust construction discussed earlier, Berghaus packs incorporate many innovative features that enhance performance, organisation, customisation, and convenience while out in the backcountry. Here are some notable highlights of Berghaus packs to evaluate when choosing the best model for your next adventure:

  • Adjustable Back Systems – Many mid-size and larger Berghaus packs employ proprietary Cyclops or BioFlex customisable back systems. Options like the anatomically shaped BioFlex II with PE sheet and grid mesh padding transform stiff loads into comfortable carriage across varied terrain. Ensuring optimal airflow while stabilising larger hauls, these ingenious Berghaus-exclusive designs perfectly distribute pack weight.
  • Airflow Channels – To keep wearers cool and dry, Berghaus packs maximise ventilation through air channels integrated into back panels, shoulder straps, and hip belts. This improves carrying comfort on sweaty ascents or warm weather treks. Features like the Padded Air Vents design on some backpacks enhance airflow circulation, a welcome relief when hauling heavy packs uphill.
  • Zippered Side Pockets – For handy access to water bottles, maps, or snacks while moving, Berghaus packs offer expandable zippered side pockets on most models. Half zip styles let you partially open the stretchy sleeve for quick item retrieval mid-hike. So you won’t miss a step or need to remove your pack for outer layer adjustments or hydration tops-ups along the trail.

From advanced suspension systems to sweat-reducing carrier panels and uber-convenient side stashes, these innovative touches make Berghaus backpacks leaders in ergonomic design. Focusing on customisable comfort technologies allows you to go further in total backcountry confidence.


Berghaus Backpack Accessories to Enhance Your Kit

While the pack itself is central, Berghaus also offers a suite of compatible accessories that integrate with their backpacks to add convenience, customisation and adaptability for broader wilderness activities. Smart add-ons improve organisation, load distribution, hauling capacity and weather protection based on changing trip plans or conditions.

  • Extension Collars – Many expedition-sized Berghaus packs have an integrated extendable collar allowing you to increase volume as needed for longer journeys or group hauling. Handy for when resupplies arrive or you score extra gear at huts en route. Just cinch it down when not at full capacity.

  • Removable Pack Covers – Lightweight matching pack covers from Berghaus shield your entire backpack and valuable contents from torrential downpours in especially wet environments like coastal fiords or monsoon zones. Cinch cord closures secure the barrier tight to keep contents completely dry inside.

  • Base Camp Duffle Converters – For heating up a more permanent camp, Berghaus duffle kit bags easily convert expedition packs into storage when you unload at the base. Turn your backpack into a locker once settled at camp after big hauls from the trailheads.

  • Side Pocket Accessory Holders – Small Berghaus pouches and gear loops that affix into side stash pockets allow you to neatly organise mini items like lip balm, flashlight, knife or batteries. Handy for supplements you access frequently without digging through the central pack.

Take your Berghaus backpack experience to the next level by incorporating smart accessory offerings. Augment storage space, weather protection and access to better serve your ever-changing trip requirements.


Berghaus Backpack Fabrics and Construction

When assessing the quality and suitability of a Berghaus backpack, the materials and construction methods are key indicators. Understanding how these factors affect durability, weight, weather resistance, and comfort can guide you in selecting the best pack for your needs.


High Denier Fabrics

Berghaus utilises premium high-denier nylon fabrics noted for remarkable tear strength, abrasion resistance, and durability to withstand punishing mountain conditions. Models designed for intense expeditions often employ ultra-tough 1000D Cordura which rates highly on abrasion tests, with fibers coated in urethane for water repellency. With double the density of 500D nylon, 1000D offers heavy-duty fabric tear strength well-suited to hauled expeditionary and alpine packs holding gear, ropes, and safety equipment. Midweight 400D to 600D nylon balances sturdiness and reduced weight, common on their multi-day trekking packs capable of hauling ample gear rations and bulky synthetics. Here the thicker yarn interlace tightly boosts tear resistance compared to those using lighter thread counts. Lower 210D ripstop nylon mixes thick & thin yarns for improved durability at marginally higher weights. This fortified fabric allows their trail running and fast-and-light sacks to withstand scraping rock faces yet won’t wear out mid-event. Berghaus relies on high-quality custom-woven nylons from premium textile partners and then complements them with durable water-resistant coatings to overcome both abrasion and moisture penetration.


Understanding nylon denier gradations and fibre composition offers clues into optimal Berghaus pack fabrics for your needs. Alpine climbers and winter expeditioners find 1000D Cordura models to withstand repeated overstuffing with sharp gear chafing inside while retaining integrity to summit bid and return safely. Backpackers traversing dense brush and geologic outcroppings select durable face fabrics resisting snagging, with reinforced bottoms that won’t rupture when plunking down atop jagged rocks every night. Yet fast-moving peak baggers and adventure racers prefer thinly woven, high tensile ripstop shells to keep lightweight packs from shredding mid-scramble while barely noticing the slimline load.


Water Resistant Coatings

Defying the elements by shielding contents from external water intrusion makes or breaks an effective technical backpack. Berghaus utilises advanced hydrophobic coatings and lamination technology so wet snow, relentless rain, or accidental submersion won't penetrate exterior fabric layers. Their high-end rucksacks sport proprietary Hydrocoat treatment featuring waterproof ePTFE membrane glue-bonded between fabric and interior liner sealing in dryness. Midsize packs employ durable water-repellent (DWR) coatings that cause moisture to bead up and roll off while spraying gear to renew faded protection periodically. Across models, storm flaps cover exposed zippers with Velcro or snap closures plus fully taped inner seams prevent leaks. So even epic storms won't dampen your layers of insulation.


For optimal wet weather protection when paddling rapids or hiking dense bushwhacking trails with waterlogged brush overhead, select a Berghaus GoreTex Pro series lumbar-access climbing pack. With hip-belt pockets and aisle access, these workhorse waterproof sacks keep expensive optics dry on humid safari trails while venting condensation buildup so glass stays fog-free. Guaranteeing your smartphone survives downpours so you can grab that perfect rainbow waterfall shot means choosing River Trek series dry seal models with integrated rain cover colour-coded size guide and external port to keep headphone cords tug-free. The durable Stormcloud hyper 100D shell fabric withstands torrential tropical deluges and repeated soaking when hauling snorkel gear across streams every day. Tested beyond EPA guidelines for absolute water protection and peace of mind.


Robust Construction

Carrying vital layers, rations and mountaineering safety kits requires uncompromised build integrity able to bear immense loads across treacherous alpine terrain without structural failure. Berghaus construct backpacks using unrivalled rigour in advanced bonding, double stitching, and reinforcing known stress junctions realising the gravity backcountry use entails. Employing weight-dispersing PE stiffeners to bolster haul stability and curved internal frames with adjustable height settings to ensure optimal lumbar fit showcases their dedication to balancing burden and comfort no matter how ambitious the objective. Integrating easily accessed tiered top lid and bivy pockets to stash navigation tools demonstrates decades plus experience in understanding essential trail priorities. Shaping wrap-around mesh harness components lined with perforated foam matched only by stretch-mesh hip belt wings with canted forward pulls lessons learned through exhaustive prototyping and testing process.


Berghaus spared no R&D investment in perfecting ergonomic load carriage systems realising peak performance requires harmonious components to maximise energy conservation over varied gradients and long distances. Their trailblazing Cyclops Centro wander pouch pioneered A-framed suspension with sheet plastic stiffeners and ventilated foams curving contours embracing torso shapes for a personalised fit. Enabling dialed-in micro-loading refinements and cross-stability load transfers to hip joints, their ISO Pro Hyper Air series science ensures puffy layers reach objectives uncompressed. Whilequence fold-away quick stow shoulder yokes double as lumber carry assists- an intuitive insight benefiting decades of exhausting treeline approaches.


The combination of rugged fabrics, waterproofing technology, and sturdy design ensures Berghaus backpacks have the longevity and performance to endure whatever adventures you embark on. These key construction elements enhance durability while balancing weight and comfort.


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