The Highland way - a woman is standing on a hill, wearing Columbia gear.

The Highland Way

Meet Aldo Kane, former Royal Marine Commando turned safety expert and Mamrie Hart, American actress, comedian, writer, and newbie hiker as they embark on an epic trek along the West Highland Way in Scotland.


Watch how Mamrie seizes the opportunity of a lifetime and steps out of her comfort zone to reconnect with nature with professional explorer, Aldo Kane. 


Kane’s love of the outdoors came from growing up in the rugged highlands of Scotland and to this day, he is most at home in extreme outdoor environments. Whether you want to call him an adventurer or record-setting explorer, one thing’s for certain–he’s a true outdoorsman.


If you’re new to the outdoors like Mamrie, take a look at Columbia’s top tips for new hikers or head to the highlands for an epic trek of your own.

The Highland Way