Top 5 SOREL Products
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A person hiking with Osprey backpack.
Woman with baby in Osprey child carrier.


SOREL is a premium footwear brand. Originally founded by William H. Kaufman Inc. in Kitchener, Canada, SOREL has long been associated with the development of durable, comfortable, cold-weather footwear. Launched in 1962, the SOREL line was the first to combine leather uppers, handcrafted vulcanized rubber shells and removable felt liners with iconic styles such as the Caribou™ and Pac boots.


For more than 50 years, our boots have been engineered to provide outstanding warmth, comfort and durability in the most extreme cold-weather conditions. SORELs have been used as snowboarding boots at times, have accompanied explorers to the North Pole and earned a legendary reputation. SOREL is now an all-weather footwear brand that combines luxurious materials with bold designs to create boots that are as durable and comfortable as they are stylish.