About Sprayway

Through product and knowledge, we enable and inspire. Winter 2019 sees us continue our journey. Our ‘Function First’ ethos has been the heart of all our products for the last 45 years. A new refined Hill Collection sees the return of a true classic: The Torridon, a pinnacle product that will enable you to head out no matter what the winter weather brings.


Our knowledge-sharing and partnerships aim to inspire at every level: whether you're taking your first steps on the trail or you're a seasoned peak bagging vet, you will find a clothing system to keep you dry and protected so you can remain focused on the challenge at hand and enjoy what you love the most.


Inspiring your outdoor since 1974.



Sprayway delivers exceptional outdoor gear designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions while ensuring comfort and performance. The Sprayway collection includes renowned Sprayway jackets, waterproof trousers, fleeces, and coats, all engineered to keep you protected and comfortable in any environment. The Sprayway jackets stand out for their durable water-repellent finishes and breathable fabric, providing reliable protection against rain and wind without compromising on comfort.


Pair your jacket with Sprayway waterproof trousers for complete lower body protection, allowing you to traverse wet terrain with confidence. For added warmth and versatility, our Sprayway fleeces offer superior insulation and can be worn alone or layered under a waterproof outer shell. The Sprayway coats combine style and functionality, perfect for everyday wear in unpredictable weather.

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