Cover all the bases of body warming with Thaw’s toasty range of products. The brand offers a diverse range of personal warming devices, including disposable hand and foot warmers, and rechargeable products: a heated seat pad with power bank and hand warmers. If you’re braving the outdoors or simply seeking some extra warmth at home or in the office, keep comfortable with Thaw’s collection.


The range is designed to provide long-lasting warmth when the temperature drops. Air-activated disposable hand warmers feature a unique chemistry compound that reacts with air, creating a safe and enduring hand warmer. Simply activate the hand warmer, and enjoy hours of soothing heat. These nifty gems are a must for work commutes and winter walks. 


Rechargeable products, which also function as power banks, are perfect for various outdoor activities from hiking and mountaineering to camping.  


Whether you need disposable warmers for single use or rechargeable devices for long-term convenience, Thaw has a selection of solutions to keep you warm in any situation. Explore our collection today and discover the perfect body warming solution for you. For more cold-weather essentials, be sure to check out our Cold Snap range.

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