Explore our range of Toastie kids clothes, designed to keep your little explorers comfortable and stylish during their outdoor escapades. From waterproof raincoats to children's waterproof dungarees, we offer a selection that combines practicality with playful charm.


Ensure your child stays dry in the unpredictable British weather with a Toastie waterproof raincoat. Whether it's a Pac a Mac raincoat or a dedicated kids waterproof raincoat, the brand's designs are crafted to keep your little ones protected while they embrace the great outdoors.


Discover the ultimate convenience and style with our childrens waterproof dungarees. Perfect for puddle-jumping and outdoor play, these dungarees offer durability and water resistance, ensuring hours of fun without worries.


Toastie kids clothing provides a range that celebrates the spirit of exploration while prioritising comfort and quality. Browse our selection of Toastie kids clothes and waterproof essentials to equip your young adventurers for whatever nature has in store. Help your little ones face rainy days with confidence, thanks to Toastie.

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