Trad Climbing

Bored of climbing the same routes over and over again? Want to push yourself and take your climbing to another level? There has never been a better time to get into rock climbing, more specifically Trad, short for traditional, climbing. Trad climbing is a form of climbing where the climber places their own protection or "gear", such as nuts and cams, as they climb to protect against falls.  It is usually done in pairs or groups, with someone to "belay" or protect, the person climbing but can also be done solo with the right gear.


While technically more dangerous than sport or indoor climbing, it is far less damaging to the environment with climbers often t is a much slower, more methodical form of climbing as you have to make sure you are safely locked in before you move on. Gear is usually placed at regular spacing so if and when you fall, you don't have far to fall before your gear catches you. Often preferred by climbers looking to explore more and those who like the ethics of "leaving no trace", pioneered by Royal Robbins, Yvon Chouinard and many others since. It offers greater freedom as you are not restricted by pre-determined routes and with the right gear, any rock face can be conquered so the options of where to go climbing are endless. 


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