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Discover deals worth exploring in the Fjӓllrӓven clearance range.||| Fjӓllrӓven have been innovators in outdoor kit for decades, crafting their products using durable materials and fabrics, and designed to last, using the latest in outdoor technology to help wearers thrive in nature. Founded in a small Swedish town over 50 years ago, Fjällräven has always had an unchanging mission: to make it easier for everyone to get out there and enjoy the outdoors. With this mission comes a commitment to protecting nature to ensure that we and future generations can continue to enjoy it. Browse our Fjӓllrӓven clearance range and discover great prices on durable quality outdoor kit, specialised for the conditions of the rugged Swedish landscape.


Our extensive hand-picked clearance selection has everything from backpacks and trousers to jackets and hats - so you can kit yourself out for your next outdoor adventure at a fraction of the cost. Many of our Fjӓllrӓven clearance products also meet one or more of our environmental criteria and feature in Cotswold Outdoor’s Our Planet collection. With premium outdoor kit at prices you can’t ignore, don’t miss out and find the right fit for your next adventure with Fjӓllrӓven now.

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