Discover our extensive collection of shorts for women, men and kids, where comfort meets style. Whether you're looking for cargo shorts, swim shorts, or lightweight everyday options, we have the perfect pair to suit your needs. Explore renowned brands including The North Face, Berghaus, PatagoniaBarbour and more, and find the ideal shorts for your next adventures.


Cargo shorts are a versatile choice, providing ample storage and durability. Our selection includes a variety of cargo shorts to cater to different preferences. The North Face cargo shorts are a standout choice. Crafted with quality materials and attention to detail, North Face shorts provide durability and functionality, making them ideal for various kinds of outdoor activities. Try The North Face Mens Class V Belted Shorts, for instance. When it comes to The North Face shorts for everyday wear, we have a variety of styles to suit different preferences. 


Berghaus cargo shorts are another popular option, known for their exceptional quality and design. With a focus on functionality and comfort, Berghaus cargo shorts – including these Berghaus Mens Navigator Shorts – are designed to keep up with your active lifestyle while offering practical storage solutions.


If you're after elastic waist cargo shorts that provide a comfortable and adjustable fit, we have you covered. Our range includes comfortable shorts that offer freedom of movement without compromising on style or utility.


Our selection of men's lightweight cargo shorts are perfect for those hot summer days when breathability is essential. Designed with lightweight materials and a relaxed fit, these shorts provide exceptional comfort and versatility.


For women who prefer knee-length shorts with cargo styling (like these Dubarry Womens Minorca Crew Shorts), our collection offers a range of options to choose from. Women's knee-length cargo shorts combine practicality with style, allowing you to stay comfortable and on-trend.


Patagonia swim shorts are ideal for those who love to hit the water. Made with quick-drying and water-resistant materials, Patagonia swim shorts offer both style and functionality, ensuring you're ready for any water-based activity. Check out these fun Patagonia Mens Wavefarer Board Shorts


Barbour swim shorts provide a touch of sophistication for your beach or poolside outings. With their refined designs and attention to detail, Barbour swim shorts offer a perfect blend of style and practicality, as you can see from these Barbour Mens John Swim Shorts.


Browse the Cotswold Outdoor collection of shorts for men, women, and kids today and find the perfect pair for your outdoor pursuits. From cargo shorts to swim shorts, lightweight options to knee-length styles, our range offers something for everyone. Shop The North Face cargo shorts, Berghaus cargo shorts, Patagonia swim shorts, Barbour shorts, and more today, and elevate your warm-weather wardrobe with confidence and style.

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