Footwear Clearance

It’s time to put your best foot forward. Browse Snow+Rock’s extensive footwear clearance selection at Cotswold Outdoor and discover elite quality shoes, boots, and socks – all specialised for the harshest outdoor conditions season-to-season.


Every snowsport has its features, so your shoes should too. Whatever adventures you pursue, discover the right ones for you with Snow+Rock’s footwear clearance range - catering for performance, comfort, and injury prevention... Snow+Rock’s handpicked footwear clearance selection delivers premium comfort, endurance, versatility, waterproofing, and stability, all crafted for slopes, trails, crags, and everywhere. With an incredible variety of products to choose from, with many meeting one or more of our environmental criteria and available in Snow+Rock’s Our Planet collection, break records, not the bank this season with Snow+Rock’s clearance range.

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