Discover the Softness and Performance of Icebreaker Merino Wool Apparel


Icebreaker is a leading maker of merino wool clothing and accessories ideal for outdoor adventures and everyday wear. Founded in New Zealand in 1994, Icebreaker pioneered the use of merino wool for mid- and base-layers, socks, underwear and more. Renowned for their commitment to sustainable and ethical manufacturing, Icebreaker creates quality wool products that are odour-resistant, breathable, comfortable and long-lasting. This guide will provide an overview of Icebreaker’s extensive range of merino wool clothing and gear, perfect for travel, hiking, skiing, climbing and everyday wear.


The Benefits of Merino Wool  


Icebreaker uses pure merino wool in their fabrics. Merino wool comes from Merino sheep primarily raised in New Zealand and Australia. This premium wool has ultra-fine fibres that make it exceptionally soft and comfortable compared to regular wool. The fibres have natural wicking properties drawing moisture away from the skin. Merino is also highly breathable and elastic. Plus, the fabric is naturally odour resistant due to lanolin wool wax. Lastly, merino wool is durable yet lightweight.


Ethical, Sustainable Practices


Icebreaker prides itself on ethical, sustainable practices. They source wool through the ZQ Merino programme to ensure animal welfare standards. Icebreaker aims to have a zero-waste supply chain. Most products get manufactured in facilities in New Zealand or China from start to finish. Compliance officers audit these factories to guarantee fair labour policies. This focus on ethics sets Icebreaker apart.


Men's Merino Wool Apparel  


The men's collection includes layering pieces, mid-layers, underwear and socks constructed from merino wool.



Choose from crew, v-neck and sleeveless tops in 150, 200 and 260 weight merino. These lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking base layers work year-round for hiking, skiing, travel and everyday wear. The thin layers provide temperature regulation.



Boxers, briefs and long undershorts provide comfort and support. The fabric's natural odour control keeps them fresher. 



From ultralight to over-the-calf styles, merino wool socks withstand rugged terrain while regulating temperature and wicking moisture. Cushioning at pressure points prevents blisters.   



Sweaters, hoodies and jackets provide lightweight insulation worn over base layers and under an outer shell. The Boss Turtle Neck offers versatility.


Versatile Women's Merino Layers


The women's range features stylish merino wool pieces for outdoor pursuits and casual everyday wear.



Choose from short sleeve, tank and long sleeve crew neck tops in varying weights. Breathable with moisture control, these comfortable base layers work for yoga, hiking, skiing and more. The lightweight merino helps regulate body temperature during aerobic activities. 



Bikini, hipster and brief undies plus supportive bras are soft, breathable and naturally odour-resistant. No need to wash merino underwear as often as synthetic options.



Everyday, hiking and snow sport sock styles wick moisture and regulate temperature while preventing blisters. Made to last and retain shape.



Lightweight sweaters, cardigans and jackets like the Zone Cardigan insulate without bulk. Pair them with base layers and outerwear for adaptable layering in changing weather. 


Merino Layers for Children's Outdoor Play


Keep kids cosy on outdoor adventures with Icebreaker's merino layers designed for play and exploration. 



Core and Oasis lines include long and short sleeve crew tops plus leggings. Made for comfort, movement and temperature regulation during activities.



Choose low-cut, crew and knee-high sock styles for everyday and adventures. Naturally antibacterial and moisture wicking. 



Hats, gloves and neckwarmers made from soft, breathable merino. Keeps kids warmer and drier than acrylic alternatives.


Why Choose Icebreaker Merino Wool?


When choosing merino wool gear, opt for Icebreaker. Their premium wool fabrics regulate temperatures, resist odours, and provide comfort mile after mile. Plus, strict standards ensure ethical, sustainable production. For versatile, high-performing merino wool clothing perfect for travel, fitness and outdoor pursuits, choose Icebreaker.


Discover the softness, breathability and benefits of pure New Zealand merino. Stay cosy and comfortable wearing Icebreaker's ethical wool clothing on life's everyday adventures. The natural properties of merino wool make this high quality apparel an excellent choice.


Merino Wool for Hiking and Trekking


Hit the trail wearing the soft, breathable merino wool layers from Icebreaker. The natural odour resistance helps lighten your pack by reducing extra clothes. 



Choose lightweight 150-200g merino tops and bottoms. The wool fibers wick sweat from the skin and dry quickly to avoid chilling.



Bring a merino hoodie or jacket for extra warmth during breaks or weather changes. The wool insulation retains heat even when damp. 



Merino hiking socks help prevent blisters while moisture wicking keeps feet drier. Medium cushioning provides support under pack weight. 



Merino briefs and sports bras resist odours so you can pack fewer spares. Seams won't chafe during miles of hiking.


For multi-day treks and thru-hikes, merino base layers, underwear and socks last longer between washes and dry fast once wet. The natural properties keep you comfortable mile after mile. 


Merino for Skiing and Snow Sports


Hit the slopes wearing the merino wool baselayers, mid-layers and socks from Icebreaker. The breathable, lightweight layers help maintain body temperature while skiing or snowboarding.



Choose long sleeve merino tops and leggings for moisture management during aerobic activity. Lighter weights suit warmer days.



Merino sweaters and jackets worn over baselayers provide adaptable insulation as the weather shifts. 



Merino blend ski socks with cushioned zones prevent blisters while keeping feet drier by moving sweat outward.   



Merino beanies, neckwarmers and glove liners add warmth without overheating active bodies.


Merino wool's natural temperature regulation keeps you drier and more comfortable mile after mile on the slopes. The soft fibers stay warm even when damp from snow or sweat.


Everyday Merino Apparel from Icebreaker


Merino wool clothing from Icebreaker also works beautifully for everyday activities. The natural properties make merino a perfect year-round fabric.



Light merino tops add an extra layer of warmth and moisture management. Women's v-necks and men's sleeveless shirts work under dress shirts and blouses.



Stylish merino cardigans and hoodies for women and men keep you cosy indoors and out. 



Merino briefs and bras feel soft against the skin all day. The natural odour resistance cuts down on laundry.



Super light merino sock liners buffer the skin, while crew and ankle socks absorb moisture keeping feet drier.


The temperature regulation and breathability of merino wool makes this versatile fabric ideal for everything from lounging to commuting to travel. Discover the everyday comfort of Icebreaker's ethically made merino apparel.



The Many Benefits of Merino Wool Apparel


Merino wool offers many performance benefits that make it an excellent choice for outdoor gear and clothing. Let's take a closer look at what makes merino wool so special:


Temperature Regulation - The crimped fibers trap air creating insulation to retain warmth. But merino also releases heat to prevent overheating. This makes the fabric ideal for aerobic activities and adaptable layering.


Moisture Wicking - Merino wool absorbs moisture vapour from sweat and moves it away from the skin to the fabric's surface. This moisture wicking property keeps you drier.


Quick Drying - While absorbing moisture, the wool fibers release liquid water which evaporates quickly. Merino clothing dries faster than cotton and some synthetics.


Breathability - Merino wool allows vaporous moisture to pass through the fabric while insulating the body. This breathability prevents overheating.


Odour Resistant - Merino wool contains lanolin wax which repels odour causing bacteria. Less bacteria means less body odour even during sweaty activities.


Soft Comfort - The fine fibers of merino wool make it exceptionally soft, unlike scratchy traditional wool. Merino feels great against the skin.


Durability - Merino wool is surprisingly strong yet forgiving. It resists tearing and abrasion while maintaining shape over time.


Static Resistance - Merino resists static build up which keeps clothing from clinging uncomfortably. No more static shocks.


Fire Resistance - Wool won't melt or drip when exposed to high heat. It self-extinguishes when removed from a flame source.


Eco-Friendly - Merino wool is a natural, renewable fiber from sheep. It's biodegradable unlike synthetics derived from petrochemicals.


With this impressive list of performance attributes, it's easy to see why merino wool makes excellent apparel for outdoor activities and everyday wear. Discover how merino's softness, breathability, moisture control and comfort can enhance your active lifestyle.


Choosing Your Icebreaker Merino Layers


Merino wool comes in different fabric weights ideal for layering. Here's an overview of Icebreaker's merino weights for their baselayer tops and bottoms:


150 Weight - Ultralight and cool for warm weather aerobic activity. Ideal for summer hiking and travel.


190 Weight - Lightweight and highly breathable for year-round layering.


200 Weight - Versatile mid-weight for cooler weather but not overly warm.


260 Weight - Heavier weight for cold conditions while still breathable. Ideal as an outer layer.


320 Weight - The warmest weight for frigid adventures. Maintains breathability.


In general, lighter weights around 150 to 200 are ideal for highly aerobic activities that generate sweat since they hold less moisture. The warmer 200 to 260 weights provide adaptable insulation in cool to cold conditions. Layer accordingly based on your planned activity and expected weather conditions.


The Importance of Proper Layering


Layering clothing is important for comfort and performance during active outdoor pursuits like hiking, climbing and skiing. Follow these layering guidelines:


- Baselayer - Worn next to skin for moisture wicking. Lightweight merino.


- Midlayer - Insulating piece like a merino sweater or fleece jacket.


- Shell Layer - Waterproof, windproof outer layer protects from the elements.


- Accessories - Merino socks, glove liners, hats and neck gaiters.


Proper layering allows you to adjust your level of insulation by adding or removing midlayers to prevent overheating or chilling. For cold weather activities, having multiple thin merino layers provides better insulation and temperature regulation than one thick sweater.


Use lighter weight merino closest to the skin to wick away sweat. Heavier weights can insulate and be removed as you heat up. The outer waterproof shell blocks wind and rain. Following these layering principles will keep you comfortable in changing conditions.


Caring for Your Merino Wool Apparel


Merino wool's machine washability makes caring for Icebreaker apparel easy. Follow these laundering tips:


- Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Never use bleach.


- Tumble dry on low or hang dry to avoid shrinking. Medium heat drying is okay.


- Fold and store properly to avoid stretching. Never wring out wet merino.


- Spot clean or hand wash merino wool as needed between full launderings.


- Most Icebreaker merino layers can be machine washed and dried without special care.


By following these garment care guidelines, your merino wool layers will last for many seasons without losing their shape or softness. Take good care of your merino clothing and it will take good care of you.


Why Choose Ethical, Sustainable Icebreaker Merino


In addition to the exceptional performance benefits of merino wool, Icebreaker sets themselves apart through their ethical and sustainable practices. Icebreaker aims for a fully transparent, zero waste supply chain where sheep are treated humanely and factory workers paid fair living wages in safe conditions. They use audits, standards and oversight to ensure responsible manufacturing. The wool comes from sustainable merino farming partnerships. These initiatives showcase how ethical, eco-friendly production is possible. By sourcing premium New Zealand merino and making it into quality sustainable apparel, Icebreaker leads by example. They prove ethics and performance can coexist.


Merino: The Ideal Travel Fabric


For travellers who like to pack light, bring versatile merino wool layers from Icebreaker.


- Temperature Regulation - Merino provides comfort across cool and warm climates so you can pack fewer clothes.


- Odour Resistance - Reduces the need for excessive clothing since merino stays fresher longer.


- Quick Drying - Hand wash sink-laundered clothing and merino wool dries by morning.


- Durable - Merino withstands long trips while retaining its shape and performance. No pilling like synthetics.


- Wrinkle Resistant - Merino shakes out wrinkles and looks great right out of your pack. No ironing needed. 


- Machine Washable - Care for merino layers easily at lodgings or laundromats.


Combine lightweight, quick drying merino baselayers with midlayer sweaters and tops. Add sock liners and underwear. Then rinse out gear each night. You'll stay comfortable on the road with half the clothes. Merino wool simplifies packing light.


Travel Sock Tips


Bring multiple pairs of Icebreaker merino socks in a range of styles.


- Lightweight liners - Wear under thicker socks to prevent blisters.


- Hiking crew - Medium cushioning for trail comfort and support. 


- Over-the-calf - Extra protection for long days on your feet.


- Ultralight - Perfect for keeping in your daypack as a spare pair.


Rotate socks throughout each day of walking or hiking. Letting them fully dry out overnight prevents bacteria buildup. Merino's natural odour resistance allows socks to be worn multiple days before washing. Travel light with fewer pairs using these sock strategies.


Choosing the Best Everyday Merino Layers 


Merino wool makes comfortable clothing for everyday wear too. Choose versatile pieces from Icebreaker like:


- Short sleeve crews - Wear as a lightweight base in air conditioning. 


- Long sleeve crews - Adds a layer of warmth during cool weather.


- V-necks - Provides temperature control under dress shirts or blouses. 


- Leggings - Wear under trousers or skirts for extra insulation.


- Ankle socks - Absorb moisture and prevent odour in shoes all day.


- Underwear - Soft merino briefs and bras stay fresher during long days. 


- Cardigans - Stylish lightweight layer for women and men.


The natural breathability and odour resistance of merino wool makes these pieces perfect for commuting, travel, work and casual wear. Discover the everyday performance and ease of merino.


Why Icebreaker Leads the Merino Pack


Among the merino wool apparel brands, Icebreaker stands out as an innovator and leader. Their credentials:


- 30+ Year History - One of the first companies making merino sportswear and everyday layers. Their experience shows.


- New Zealand Merino - Sources the finest quality wool from ethical, sustainable farms. 


- In-House Design - Garments engineered for performance by their own experts.


- Responsible Manufacturing - Committed to fair labour standards and environmental stewardship. 


- Quality Materials - Use pure merino wool fabrics, not blends. No cheap shortcuts.


- Stylish Gear - Merino clothing with great fits, designs and colours. Looks fantastic.


With over 30 years perfecting merino wool clothing, Icebreaker has the technical mastery and supply chain oversight to deliver quality apparel. Discover what sets Icebreaker merino apart.


Merino: A Truly Sustainable Fabric


Part of merino wool's appeal is its eco-friendly, ethical production from start to finish:


Sustainable Farms - Merino sheep thrive in the New Zealand high country. Rotational grazing improves the land over time.


Animal Welfare - Independent audits ensure humane treatment of sheep and livestock guard dogs.


Renewable Material - Sheep are shorn annually allowing wool to be harvested without harm. It then regrows. 


Biodegradable - Merino wool breaks down completely leaving no microplastics behind like synthetics.


Ethical Manufacturing - Icebreaker audits its factories ensuring fair labour practices.


Zero Waste Aims - Their goal is a closed-loop supply chain producing little waste. 


By choosing merino, you support an eco-friendly natural material from sustainable farms. No microfibers are released into waterways since wool is biodegradable. Support ethical factories with living wages and safe conditions. Merino checks all the sustainable boxes.


Versatile Merino Clothing from Icebreaker 


Discover how Icebreaker's quality merino wool clothing can enhance your active lifestyle and everyday comfort. Choose from:


- Ultralight baselayers - Keep you cool and dry during aerobic exertion


- Midlayer sweaters - Add lightweight insulation without overheating


- Soft underwear - Stays fresher and reduces laundry needs


- Odour-resistant socks - Protect feet and retain shape mile after mile 


- Travel-friendly pieces - Pack fewer garments that do more


- Everyday casual layers - Relaxed cardigans, tees and leggings


With merino's moisture control, temperature regulation, breathability and biodegradability, Icebreaker apparel delivers performance and sustainability. Experience the softness and versatility of ethically crafted merino wool.


For high quality merino wool clothing suited to outdoor pursuits or everyday wear, explore Icebreaker's natural, sustainable apparel. Their premium New Zealand merino is soft, breathable and temperature regulating. It resists odours and dries quickly. With its ethically sourced wool and manufacturing, Icebreaker offers performance apparel with conscience. 

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