Ajay's Favourite National Trust Places

National Trust Ranger Ajay loved exploring special places as a child. Now he dedicates his life to protecting them, working on the reserve at Wicken Fen. But when he’s not working, he loves to explore his favourite National Trust places around the UK. Here are a few of his favourites.

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1. Anglesey Abbey House and Grounds

"I love the gardens, the dahlias are splendid in September and the snowdrops early in the year, their winter lights are a sight to behold and there is a little area of fenland on site too."

2. Farne Islands, Northumberland

"A visit to the Farne Islands in the breeding bird season is like entering another world, with puffins galore and terns flying above your head. It's absolutely magical, a very special place. The nearby Long Nanny is also a very special place for terns, with rangers actually camping by the colony throughout the breeding season: that is certainly dedication to bird protection."

3. Orford Ness

"Orford Ness, on the Suffolk coast, is a fascinating place. I love birdwatching here. The human history is fascinating, there is a very eerie feeling around the derelict buildings, which have since been colonised by wildlife, and it feels like an insight into a world without people."

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