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The mountain marathon is possibly the ultimate test of the endurance runner's capabilities. Navigating your way across rugged open country whilst carrying everything required for your survival and still competing against the clock.

From the more traditional two-day events of the OMM, Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon and Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon to the newer one-day events of the White and Dark Peak series, these events are gaining in popularity each year as entrants pit themselves against both the physical and mental challenges of these competitions.

This is the first full instructional book written for those people seeking to face this challenge, the complexities and procedures that control and govern these events are laid open. Everything from the different types of courses and classes of event and how to enter them, through to the equipment required and on to the necessary training both to compete and improve performance in these gruelling events are included here.

Written by two experienced mountain marathon competitors who are rapidly gaining the reputation for producing the most comprehensive instructional books, this book is set to become the bible of all those seeking to compete the mountain marathon.

  • Author: Keven Shevels and Stuart Ferguson
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Trailguides
  • Publication date: Aug, 2011
  • ISBN13: 9781905444496
  • Pages: 223
Product Code: S5214019