Regatta Waterproof Jackets

Regatta is one of the oldest outdoor clothing brands in the UK, tracing its origins back to the early 1960s. The company was founded in Manchester by two entrepreneurs, Charles and Alan Wond. The Wond brothers had a vision to create affordable, quality clothing for the whole family to enjoy outdoor pursuits. They named the company Regatta after the popular boat races, capturing the essence of outdoor water sports. Regatta was one of the first brands to utilise newly developed synthetic fabrics for outdoor clothing production. In particular, they championed polyester/cotton blends as a comfortable, breathable and water-resistant material. Some of Regatta's earliest successes came from selling casual waterproof jackets and trousers for activities like motorcycling, sailing, and fishing. Their isotex-coated jackets with taped seams were innovative at the time and set new benchmarks for weather protection. During the 1970s Regatta championed the use of Isolite foam insulation in their jackets. This allowed them to make some of the warmest lightweight outdoor clothing available. The brand also experimented with anoraks, knitted sweaters, and all-in-one suits made from bold prints and colours. The 1980s saw Regatta make further advancements in material technologies. They developed another waterproof fabric called Hydrafort which was used across their outdoor range. Some of their stand-out products of this decade included wrap-around outdoor fleece jackets and lightweight rainwear. From the 1990s onwards, Regatta has focused its efforts on technical high-performance clothing lines. This led to the Isotex Performance and Isolation ranges launched in the early 90s. Both of these lines utilised advanced materials to create windproof, breathable and fully waterproof jackets designed for more extreme outdoor activities. Today, Regatta continues to innovate with eco-friendly fabric technologies like recycled polyester. They now manufacture casual, value-focused clothing and cutting-edge designs for challenging environments. However, the essence of comfort, quality and reliability remains at the core of this distinguished British brand.


Regatta Waterproof Jacket’s Key Materials

Regatta constructs its waterproof jackets using laminated fabrics, with a waterproof membrane sandwiched between an outer layer and inner lining. The waterproof layer prevents rain from penetrating whilst allowing sweat vapour to escape. Many jackets feature reputable Isotex and Hydrafort membranes for guaranteed waterproofing and breathability. The outer fabric adds abrasion resistance and visual interest. Inside, a soft mesh lining enhances comfort. Additional coatings like Teflon EcoElite sustainably repel water.



Isotex is Regatta’s own family of waterproof, windproof and breathable fabrics. It features across many of their general outdoor jackets and comprises a polyester outer layer with an inner waterproof coating. The polyester face fabric is engineered for durability, abrasion resistance and visual appeal, coming in different weights and weave patterns. The inner coating provides reliable waterproofing alongside good breathability to reduce internal condensation. Different grades of Isotex are available such as Isotex 5000, 10000, 15000 and 20000, indicating the denier and thickness of the fabric. Higher numbers give greater tear strength and waterproofness for more extreme conditions. Isotex fabrics have a hydrostatic head rating of 5000mm or above, meaning they can withstand this water pressure without leaking. They offer a good balance of weather protection, reasonable packability and affordability. Isotex is used extensively in Regatta’s Great Outdoors range.



Similar to Isotex, Hydrafort is another proprietary waterproof fabric unique to Regatta. It sandwiches a polyurethane barrier between an outer polyester layer and a woven tricot backing. This creates a fully waterproof membrane that blocks liquid water droplets whilst enabling water vapour to permeate through. The polyester face gives abrasion resistance with different patterns like diamond ripstop available. Hydrafort fabric typically has hydrostatic head ratings exceeding 10,000mm, making it suitable for more extreme wet conditions. Variants like Hydrafort EXEL feature fully sealed seams for impenetrable weather protection. Garments using Hydrafort include Regatta’s Adventure Walking and Adventure Fishing lines.



Isolite is a lightweight synthetic insulation developed and used exclusively by Regatta. It features in the inner quilted linings of many jackets to provide warmth without excessive bulk. The fluffy fibre filling traps air within its structure to give excellent heat retention alongside softness and packability. Two main versions exist - Isolite Stay Dry focuses on maintaining breathability and moisture control during high-exertion activity. Isolite Stay Warm prioritises maximising insulation and retaining body heat in cold environments. The Isolite 5000 fabric offers lightweight 5000gsm insulation for versatile weather protection. Garments with Isolite linings include the Axion, Jenna and Action Brite ranges.



Aquaflow fabric appears across Regatta’s Active and Motion Flex designs. It comprises a woven polyester outer face with an inner microporous TPU coating. This membrane construction allows substantial water protection alongside high levels of breathability. The Aquaflow coating manages moisture effectively, rapidly wicking sweat away from the skin and enabling vapour transfer through the fabric. The woven face gives lightweight durability and a streamlined look. Regatta waterproof jackets using Aquaflow technology work well for active pursuits like hiking, cycling and fast-paced walking.



Regatta employs Duralite fabric in their most rugged and heavy-duty jackets designed for mountaineering. It’s constructed from a dense, high-tenacity nylon which is then coated to enhance water repellency. The resulting woven fabric combines incredible abrasion resistance with wind and waterproof abilities. Coated nylon fibres shed light rain effectively whilst maintaining a natural feel. Duralite withstands tearing and scuffing far better than standard polyester or nylon. Regatta jackets using this burly material include the Mens Trawler Packaway and the Ladies Hyper Vent Waterproof.


Teflon EcoElite

Teflon EcoElite is a sustainable water-repellent coating Regatta now uses across many of its jackets. Made by renowned fabric specialists Teflon, EcoElite provides durable water repellency without using any PFCs. This makes it an environmentally friendly DWR treatment. The EcoElite formula contains plant-based biomimetic ingredients that form a protective barrier preventing water from soaking into the fabric. This allows raindrops to quickly bead up and roll off the surface while maintaining excellent breathability. Teflon EcoElite outperforms standard DWRs for repellency whilst enabling high levels of moisture vapour transmission through the fabric. It lasts through multiple washes without losing effectiveness. Regatta was one of the first outdoor brands to partner with Teflon for PFC-free water repellency across its ranges. Using EcoElite treatment on jackets like the Regatta Mens Knox enables water to bead and run off the surface without damaging PFC chemicals. It represents Regatta’s commitment to more sustainable technologies.


3-Layer Construction

Some of Regatta’s premium technical jackets feature an advanced 3 layer construction. This high-end design sandwiches an inner waterproof membrane between a separate outer fabric layer and an inner patterned liner. Each layer is specially engineered for its specific purpose, optimising waterproofing, breathability and exterior durability. The external polyester face fabric provides texture, colour and abrasion resistance. It shields the middle membrane from wear and tear. The waterproof/breathable mid-layer is the heart of the jacket, keeping the rain out while allowing vapour transfer.  Examples of jackets using premium 3-layer fabrics include the Mens Fuji Regatta waterproof jacket and the Ladies Andara III 3in1. This construction gives ultimate wet weather protection with long-lasting waterproofness, breathability and strength. It justifies the higher cost of high-end designs for serious outdoor enthusiasts.


Choosing the Right Regatta Waterproof Jacket


Lightweight Packable Jackets

Regatta's lightweight packable jackets are designed for minimal weight and easy portability. Using ultra-lightweight materials like Isotex Lightweight fabric, Isolite insulation, and ripstop nylon, these jackets provide weather protection without weighing you down. When not in use, they can be folded or rolled into their integrated pocket or carry a sack for compact packing. Key benefits of Regatta's lightweight packable jackets include the minimal burden on your shoulders and the convenience of stowing them in your bag when the sun comes out. These impressively lightweight designs achieve waterproof ratings around 5,000-10,000mm, making them water-resistant in light to moderate rain. Although minimalist by design, features like sealed seams, adjustable hoods, and elasticated cuffs keep the elements at bay. Weighing less than 100g, these ultra-portable jackets are perfect for activities where every gram counts like hiking, trail running, cycling, and travel. They offer invaluable wind and rain protection to whip out when the weather shifts, without restricting your movement or weighing down your pack. Top examples of Regatta's excellent lightweight packable jackets include the Regatta Pack-It and Regatta Flex designs.


All-Weather Hiking Jackets

Regatta's hiking jackets are optimised for reliable all-weather protection during active walking, trekking and mountaineering pursuits. They utilise technical waterproof fabrics like Isotex Pro, Hydrafort and Aquaflow which provide wet weather protection alongside breathability for high exertion activities. With waterproof ratings from 15,000mm up to a robust 20,000mm, Regatta hiking jackets keep you reliably dry in even the heaviest rain. Regatta hiking jackets come in regular and articulated fits to allow freedom of movement however you like to stride across the hills and peaks. Features like adjustable cuffs stiffened peak hoods, and well-placed pockets adapt to changing conditions on the trail. Hard-wearing face fabrics resist scuffs, scrapes and abrasion from backpacks and climbing harnesses. Offering the ideal balance of waterproofing, breathability, and durable performance, Regatta's hiking jackets like the trusted Stormbreak and rugged Thunder designs allow you to enjoy the great outdoors come rain or shine.


Urban Commuter Jackets

Regatta's urban commuter jackets blend weather resistance with fashionable contemporary styling. Using Isotex Original or Hydrafort fabrics, they provide reliable waterproofing rated around 10,000mm for staying dry on rainy city commutes. Packaway hoods, elasticated cuffs and adjustable hems seal out wet weather whilst their stylish designs seamlessly transition from sidewalk to office. Regatta urban jackets feature sleek tailored cuts, smart colour palettes, and attractive detailing that disguise their technical capabilities. You can face urban downpours confidently without compromising your professional or weekend aesthetic. These jackets offer versatility to cope with the changeable conditions of the concrete jungle throughout the year. Despite their metropolitan image, features like taped seams, storm flaps and breathable mesh linings ensure they perform when needed. Regatta's urban commuter jackets including the refined Bayle or chic Firefly designs allow you to stay dry in both senses of the word while navigating the urban environment.


Insulated Winter Jackets

Regatta’s insulated winter jackets provide cosy warmth without weighing you down. Designed for retaining heat when temperatures plummet, they feature inner quilted linings made using insulating materials like Isolite Stay Warm and Heat-Seal. These lightweight synthetic insulations trap air effectively within their fluffy fibres to keep your core toasty without excessive bulk. With insulations rated around 150-250gsm, Regatta’s winter jackets add vital warmth on frosty morning walks, blustery winter dog treks, and crisp clear autumn hikes. Durable water-repellent outer fabrics keep light rain and snow at bay. Many designs include fully grown hoods to seal in warmth or removable inner insulated jackets for greater versatility. Whether you choose Regatta favourites like the Icebrook or the Joanna II parka, wearing one of their insulated jackets makes embracing the great outdoors a pleasure whatever the mercury reading.


Lightweight Packable Jackets

When you need reliable weather protection without carrying unnecessary weight, Regatta's range of lightweight packable jackets fits the bill. Cleverly designed to fold or roll away into their pocket or carry pouch, these jackets minimise what you bear on your back or over your shoulder. Regatta constructs their lightweight jackets using materials like featherlight Isolite insulation, ripstop nylon and Isotex Lightweight fabric to pare weight down to an impressively minimal level. Although stripped back, intelligent design features like sealed seams, adjustable hoods and elasticated hems ensure these portable jackets still provide ample wet weather protection when caught out. Weighing less than 100g, this Regatta waterproof jacket range offers perfect companions for any activity where keeping weight to a minimum matters, like hiking, trail running, cycling, camping and travel. Equip yourself with invaluable wind and rain protection to pull out when conditions demand without being burdened - Regatta's packable jackets let you walk lightly and roam freely.

Technical Active Shells

Regatta's technical outer shells are built to excel during high-intensity outdoor activities where freedom of movement matters. Using elasticated and 4-way stretch fabrics paired with Hydrafort Pro membranes, these Regatta waterproof jackets give an unrestrictive range of motion while maintaining waterproof defences. Underarm vents enhance breathability and cooling airflow when working up a sweat on the trails. Athletic tailoring like articulated sleeves and helmet-compatible hoods adapt to an active body in motion. Regatta's technical shells typically achieve robust 15-20,000mm waterproof ratings, ensuring heavy showers don't dampen your fast-paced adventures. Whether you're trail running technical terrain, cycling ascents, or energetically hiking, Regatta performance shells like the Surf and Volcano allow you to give it your all without getting wet inside.


Heavy-Duty Workwear Jackets

Regatta creates heavy-duty workwear jackets engineered to endure tough industrial and outdoor vocational environments. Using ultra-robust 3-layer waterproof membranes reinforced with outer fabrics like Duralite and Isotex Pro, these jackets provide impenetrable wet weather defences. With waterproof ratings exceeding 20,000mm, they keep you dry in the most torrential rain while abrasion-resistant face fabrics resist scuffs, tears and damage from tools and cargo. These Regatta waterproof jackets feature grown or fixed hoods to seal out moisture along with velcro and storm flap closures. Though robustly constructed, they allow freedom of movement thanks to articulated sleeves and elasticated waists. Regatta's heavy-duty designs including the Fuji and Trapper jackets offer indispensable protection when working long hours out in the wind and rain, keeping you shielded from the elements.


Key Features to Look for in a Regatta Waterproof Jacket

Regatta incorporates various design features and technical details into their waterproof jackets to enhance dryness, comfort and practicality. Here are some of the key things to look out for:

  • Super Lightweight Fabric → Ultralight materials enhance packability

  • Fully Taped Seams → Taping over the stitching lines inside the jacket prevents water ingress through holes made in the fabric. Fully taped seams are essential in a waterproof garment.

  • Inner Storm Flap → An extra layer of fabric behind the zip adds further water protection, preventing raindrops from getting in. Look for a concealed press stud or Velcro storm flap behind the main zip.

  • Adjustable Hood & Concealed Adjustable Hood → Being able to cinch in the hood stops it from blowing back in windy conditions. Seek a hood with a stiffened, wired peak and adjustable cord locks for a tailored fit.

  • Zip Garages → A fold of material behind the zip protects your chin from chafing. Handy for high-activity coats worn with the zip fully fastened.

  • Full-length Zip →  Easy front fastening from hem to collar

  • Pocket Placement → Useful well-placed pockets sized for essentials like phones, maps, snacks and gloves. Check they are placed clear of backpack straps and harness webbing.

  • Elasticated Cuffs →  Seal out wind, water and snow

  • Adjustable Hem → Cords or elasticated toggles allow you to tailor the fit around hips and thighs. A fitted hem helps keep out cold drafts and wind.

  • Mesh Lined Pockets → Drainage eyelets or mesh panels in pockets prevent them from filling with water, keeping valuables and gadgets dry inside.

  • Belt Strap → Detachable belt for cinching in the waist


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